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8/7/2014 c13 2Animefungirl12
yeah this is my real account anyways love the story
8/7/2014 c21 2AmutoSparkle
Yay. The living dead. and I hate Tadase. How dare he rape amu. Anyways I read the authors note and I'm sorry for everything that has happened to you. I hope everything is better.
8/7/2014 c19 AmutoSparkle
Noooooo. This is getting good and bad. Good cuz amu might get to confess her love to Ikuto and bad cuz nikado might kill amu. Noooo. Btw I love this story's much!
8/7/2014 c18 AmutoSparkle
Nooooooooooo u truly are evil. Lol now back to reading btw it's still me reviewing as Animefungirl12
8/7/2014 c17 AmutoSparkle
Nooooooo. Ikuto u bastard. How dare u. Amuto foreeva
8/6/2014 c15 AmutoSparkle
8/6/2014 c13 AmutoSparkle
Noooooooooo not again
8/6/2014 c22 AmutoSparkle
8/5/2014 c12 AmutoSparkle
Omg this is getting good.
8/5/2014 c11 AmutoSparkle
8/5/2014 c10 AmutoSparkle
We'll I know he's 18 and his past is so sad.
8/5/2014 c9 AmutoSparkle
Ikuto is so in love
8/5/2014 c8 AmutoSparkle
This is getting more actions in each chapter. Can't wait for romance.
8/5/2014 c7 AmutoSparkle
This was so great. I love it.
8/5/2014 c6 AmutoSparkle
Replying as animefungirl. Anyways the story is awesome.
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