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for Harry Potter and the Rejected Path

1/16 c1 JCD8FF
i agree with carolwim. too much porn it just distract the reader. its like i want the story to continue but too much porn. i like the beginning but i cant finish it. but thanks for the story
12/29/2021 c26 fuunu
Harry is a bit hypocritical after all considering some of the illegal or immoral things he's done. Like coercion of Narrcisa forcing her to be his sex toy, gruesome murder etc.
12/26/2021 c19 Guest1139
Okay, you are NOT a good storyteller. All of the UNNECESSARY flashbacks are stupid and unnecessary. PUT THEM IN ORDER! You literally skip a scene to go to the next, then flashback to the scene you JUST SKIPPED. (shakes head)
I've refrained from complaining about the story elements until now, because I wanted to cut you a LOT of leeway... and you ruined my good nature by having Harry release Snape from his debt. How goddamn stupid are you (Harry) to do that? Very, I'd say. Only an idiot would throw away a bargaining chip THAT large an then not do a single thing with it. (sighs)
12/14/2021 c1 5C3nterF0ld
I want to continue on this but wtf is this first chapter? it's so boring and just wrong. all those people hear what Harry says and he gets locked up instead? wonderfulit doesn't matter if you're writing people in a new way they're still human.
12/5/2021 c1 fatandsquat
This is one of those fics that could be condensed to 50k word instead of whatever this is
12/1/2021 c9 bigbodybot
And he confesses to a person with unconfirmed loyalties like a naive teen. Where is his maturity when he needs it? How can he not see the political maneuvering? Where is Narcissa, his political adviser? Where is his lawyer? Is he stupid or smart? I’m confused.
12/1/2021 c8 bigbodybot
Why does every character start their sentence with “Plus”? It barely makes sense for Harry, and it makes absolutely no sense for McGonagall. It keeps throwing me off lol
11/22/2021 c1 CarolWim
I read some of the comments here and they are extremely positive or negative, not much in the between.
My two cents I give here. The fic is great. The porn scenes are great, but too much after a while. They get boring and predictable.
But the storyline is great. Thanks for writing. And the (almost) end is original and unexpected.
11/22/2021 c33 1Sanders7201
please update tgis amazimg story.
11/12/2021 c6 29Hippothestrowl
Skipped the history lesson and abandoned the boring schoolboy porn. Not so sure whether to bother if the strong passages are so swamped by the weak. It's like clutching for a few particular straws in a very loose haystack.
11/12/2021 c5 Hippothestrowl
Drawn out, but a decent drama.
11/12/2021 c4 Hippothestrowl
Very slow, but at least progress.
11/12/2021 c3 Hippothestrowl
11/12/2021 c2 Hippothestrowl
Skipped all this immature indulgence...

- Hip
11/12/2021 c1 Hippothestrowl
Well this was a damned good bash to begin with but then Harry just crumples as usual, lets himself be locked up, and decided he will kneel down and kiss Dumbledore's arse after all by fulfilling the incredibly stupid and impotent prophecy. Shame. All his grief he has brought upon himself in every year at Hogwarts. There are a dozen ways he could just walk away if he had a brain.

- Hip
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