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for Harry Potter and the Rejected Path

9/20 c1 Brownbear66
Its a travesty this wasnt finished such a great story
9/10 c29 mystpurge
Harry is loosing sight of what he must be doing. the moment sex comes to the table to drops everything he's thinking and doing to have sex which if he doesn't sort out soon alot of his witches and himself will die before he can get rid of anyone
8/10 c10 6Mando-Vet
I lasted as long as I could, but this story just seems to be getting worse with every chapter, so this is where I get off.
8/10 c6 Mando-Vet
Wow... Just... Just wow...
8/10 c2 Mando-Vet
Wow... You weren't kidding when you said this story was going to be dark...
8/10 c1 Mando-Vet
Helluva good start!
8/1 c33 3WhiteElfElder
Harry is taking on a very difficult aspect of the I am not sure was of the best thought out ideas.
8/1 c32 WhiteElfElder
What the effing hell has been hiding in the black blood? Why is Luna a bad influence when this thing appears to be a demon and should like what Luna is after?
7/30 c29 WhiteElfElder
Harry should have looked to see if the Peverell artifact wand was laying around with those two occupied.
7/30 c27 WhiteElfElder
I think the twins need to overdose on their own products, and Angelina at least needs to be bound in a contract and made to pop out babies.

Albus does need a good tricking, but a nick from playing with the Sword of Griffyndor would help with covering some things up.
7/30 c26 WhiteElfElder
They need to empty that cottage out and move the stuff either to Gringotts, or to Harry's family home.
7/30 c25 WhiteElfElder
The only problem with the revenge Harry took against the legally thievery is that he did not get anything back for it.
7/30 c24 WhiteElfElder
What the effen hell...what is Luna doing?
7/29 c20 WhiteElfElder
Harry should have put Hermione in her place and told everyone why it was she is so brassed off at him.
7/29 c19 WhiteElfElder
Hermione just burned a bridge she should have known better than to do so. Harry should not have released Snape, but instead made it so he suffers crucio level pain anytime he does something against Harry or those Harry protects.
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