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for Harry Potter and the Rejected Path

8/19/2020 c33 bigwoof
Excellent story! 6..
8/16/2020 c33 3fvdv123
fun story, a bit slow 33 chapters in 10 years but it gives hope the tale isn't dead
8/11/2020 c29 Crypt
So we finally find out what happened with Daphne!
8/12/2020 c33 daniel2610994
Nooooooo it's already over and to make it way worse for me it was just when Harry was gonna have his way with Bellatrix, that pairing always gets me hot and bothered so I really hope the next chapter continues where this let off :v
Anyway I am so glad that Luna as one of Harrys most loved girls her plot armor is strong enough to survive a fall when she didn't have her wand hehe (д) hell they even got new abilities, since I am sure Hardy will be able to transform into his demon for too hopefully.
Man this was such a good story, hope to read more.
8/12/2020 c32 daniel2610994
Hah I knew Rita would want more, after all she came like never before hehe, and besides if she is on Harry's side she can be a lethal weapon against dumbo.
But damn the teacher of Hogwarts are quite the freaks, now that is on another level, hell you know they are shitty when the tamest just gets herself drunk so students can have their way with her.
And now that Harry killed voldo I was expecting for things to get easier, specially if he can use the death eaters, but obviously the plot armor is strong in this series and now Harry got possessed by a demon or something, while also killing Luna, goddamned plot armor.
8/11/2020 c31 daniel2610994
Lol I think Rita got addicted to Harry's cock, well more like Harry's dog animagus cock, after all that was the best orgasm of her life and I am damn sure that she will be craving more of it once the disgust or whatever goes away hehe.
And 9bviously Harry's harem could be complete without a little guy obsessed with Harry xD figures he would ask Harry to fuck him for helping him, damn that was the first time I read anything bl, and no I am not looking forward for more haha.
And Harry finally got his revenge on the weasel twins sending them to jail for 10 whole years and this time they will be the butches, not to mention Alicia and angelina now can be proud whites just like they wanted to pimp out girls, it was a beautifully poetical revenge.
8/11/2020 c30 daniel2610994
Oh damn I am almost finished with this story even though I tried to make it last :'v
But I am so glad Harry is finally able to make live with Hermione, after all this is exactly what I have been looking forward since I started the story, though it makes me sad that so much lemony goodness has been left out I get why it had to be done since like you said it would have filled for more chapters with how much Harry goes around pleasuring his ladies.
8/11/2020 c29 daniel2610994
Lol Harry finally saved his Daphne from Tracey the terrible, what I just don't get is why she would try to backstabbing Harry like that after the most awesome sex of her life thanks to Harry's aura and magic, I mean she should have known that it was way better to just marry Harry get the best sex and after a while Harry would come to live her even a little, but even that little love would give her everything she ever wanted, oh well I guess she was just an idiot that got too cocky, too bad she could had have it all but instead she got eaten by aragogg and in the process saving it's life so the acromantula won't join voldo, hell since aragogg genuinely loves hagrid I am sure they will help hagrid instead, and since Harry is gonna off dumbo and he is great friends with Harry...well I am sure you get what I mean hehe.
BTW Daphne now is definitely a girl I can see kissing Harry on the neck for hours if she thought that would make him happy, I like this Daphne way more than the submissive one we got when Tracey was around.
8/11/2020 c28 daniel2610994
Holy shit now this one is definitely my second favorite chapter, after all Harry killed Ron I a extremely vicious way, but also killed Draco while taunting him to the end how he fucked he mother hehehe, man that awesome.
8/11/2020 c27 daniel2610994
Well shit Ginny became bellatrix2.0 xD and if Harry finds a way to convince her to swear loyalty to him then he would be protected against her if she learns Harry is still Harry and not Tom.
Damn that was cray cray haha.
8/10/2020 c26 daniel2610994
Holy shit poor gremlin it made me feel so awful for the poor guy, he was loyal to his last breath, and he was prolonging his life just a little more by sheer will in hopes that Harry would find him, now that was epic.
As for the rest of the chapter, something we already knew with the weasel twins being such big assholes that only care about themselves, what I didn't know was that Alicia and angelina were such a pair of butches too, well no wonder they ended up together.
8/10/2020 c25 daniel2610994
Well first of all I knew Luna couldn't have betrayed her Harry, she loves him way too much for that, so I am glad she just wanted dora to have her fun, but damn I clench my ass just thinking she buggered Harry, that made go nope xD
And now that Harry has two of the hallows he just needs to take the wand from dumbo and boom no one can stop him.
But first he has to get revenge on the weasel twins just like those two bastards hehehe, oh boy they are gonna suffer.
8/10/2020 c24 daniel2610994
WTF Luna betrayed Harry of all people? Nah I don't believe that, or at least I don't want to believe it since through this fic we have seen how much Luna loves Harry.
Anyway now we know what was going on with lavender and parvati, to think it had to do with the weasels again, maybe we will find out what happened to Daphne to make her so...weak compared to the Daphne I am used to, as for what is going on with Ginny that's easy she pikes to be a slut and have two guys go at her at the same time, so I hope Harry doesn't touch her even with a 10 meter pole.
8/10/2020 c23 daniel2610994
And to think this chapter started with finally letting me know Katie loves Harry a lot only for Harry come and break her heart, and then Luna obviously being Luna knew Harry was gonna go something idiotic that he would probably regret for the rest of his life, so Luna to the rescue only for the one she was rescuing to help her and her anxiety over if Harry would leave her for being broken like she calls herself, thankfully Katie could help Luna realize Harry loved her even if she is "broken" wich she is definitely not, she was just hurt extremely by assholes I am sure Harry is gonna hunt down for what they did to his Luna.
And then it ends with Harry and Katie finally making love, and Katie being an astute minx makes Harry knock her up hehe, and to think this is just the beginning.
8/10/2020 c22 daniel2610994
Lol typical Harry to fight the girls that want to be his harem, it oddly fits (д)
And those are just his core coven, oh Harry you are gonna have all the witches going googly eyed at some point xD
And since Harry went and had a really good time with pansy I am sure Harry is gonna turn her to his side, even if he has to sacrifice himself and give her a dicking every time she gets naughty hehehe.
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