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12/22/2018 c29 13Gamemod
It's been 8 years and you still haven't finished this story. 8 years. Are you sure you don't need help writing?
11/1/2018 c1 reader
Eight years in the making... will we see the end of this fic before the decade is over?
2/7/2018 c28 Mike
Very nice, brah! Nice to see you writing again. These have been some very intense chapters! I wonder what will happen now!
7/23/2016 c25 Mike
oooh, I know a certain barancle who will be really pestering his parents to let him go to Hawaii, just to skate in this place. XD "I will take my flashlight in my tool box..."

I've said it before, it's real nice to know more about Keoni. He became a major character in the series, but oddly we never knew much about him, so it's great you take the time and effort to not only give him a backstory, but to develop the character so completely! Reading these chapters one really gets to know Keoni Makani Jr, and the character you are creating for him is fantastic!

Great job as always, buddy! Two thumbs up!
7/23/2016 c26 Mike
Aaaaah! Cliffhanger! no fair! XD

I really liked this update, buddy! You got me worried for a moment at the beginning, though; good to know this was just a nightmare... or perhaps the time of reckoning is coming? The time Izzy will finally face his former self... and get rid of him for good? Guess we'll have to wait to find this out.

As always, I really enjoyed how you described the settings and the situations. Nice to see Izzy and Keoni love so much to have fun! And you left me wondering if Keoni visited a certain barnacle during his visits, or if Rod will need to introduce himself when they go to Ocean Shores... and challenge Keoni to a go kart race? )

Also, I couldn't help notice you are reaching quite a milestone with this story: almost a quarter million words! Congratulations, buddy! That's quite an achievement!

Can't wait to read what happens next. XD Two thumbs up!
5/28/2015 c23 lion heart hope
the nightmare was a good touch shows the mental state is changing. french fry song :) laloni will never get dick with a twist. that pineapple pudding sounds good. cute to see them having fun with the airplane spoon. that food fight was cool always wanted to have one. I dont like that keoni is falling for leoni just friends my ass. keoini the little devil thats nice. I liked the ending too just cuddles this episode was fun leaning about the past with keoni and establishing leonis charcter. 4.5 /5 rating
5/25/2015 c23 mach72
For a character as important as Keoni it's amazing how little we know of his backstory, other than he's a very good student and lives in Hawaii. You fixed that with this chapter, and I really like how you described Keoni's evolution from mischievous brat to accomplished surfer and student. And I don't know why, but many aspects of his goofy personality as a kid reminds me a lot of a certain little barnacle. XD I chuckled a lot when I read those chapters. Sure, it was sad that he was rejected, but it's very cool that he was mature enough to value his friendship with Big Oni enough to turn his rejection into a "rivalry". Who knows? Maybe Izzy will learn an extra thing or two for when he returns to Ocean Shores and faces his (presumably terrified) rival again.

Great narrative as always, brah! Two thumbs up!
4/13/2015 c22 Lion Heart
I like the detail in the environment. This was a fun chapter, new characters, and memories finally come back. :) I like the amiibos their little first date was cute also. 4/5
3/12/2015 c21 Lion Heart Hope
I thought this chapter was a lot of fun for izzy to do an errand which was like a challenge from survivor. It shows that he literally is growing in to a man. I’m not sure if his brother and the rest of the gang will even recognize him or even understand how far he has come as a dynamic character. Or would it not matter for the fact that he will be back home? Different is always good until something triggers in his mind like ptsd since he would be coming back in to familiar territory. Im worried but excited for the next chapter. No matter what happens at least izzy still has keoni to fall back on Team work 4/5
3/12/2015 c21 mach72
Wow, such an action-packed chapter, brah! I liked it a lot! I'm impressed with the way Izzy has improved during his, erm, forced vacations in Hawaii. No doubt Sam and Iggy will be very surprised when they see him, but also the rest of the gang, including a certain energetic little barnacle. And speaking of him, I am very curious to see what Izzy thinks of Rod when he sees him. XD Something tells me he might feel like he had just met Alvin the chipmunk or Dennis Mitchel... or both. XD

As always, very nicely written, with lots of imagery and fast-paced action! It was a pleasure to read, and I could easily imagine Izzy practicing his best Mario Bros moves. Very good chapter!
3/6/2015 c19 lionhearthope
I like that the birds have a real presence in this chapter especially acting like the repomen for iggys shop. I like the birdy scout idea too it kept that part brisk with a lot of messages on bird culture and tradition. I thought the kissing scene was funny but kids would act exactly the same way. I cant wait to go back to the island with keoni. I also liked the references to the past episodes and the mannerisms of the characters and the use of their props. 4.5/5 kisses
2/8/2015 c20 mach72
Wow, this was a fantastic chapter, bruddah! Lots of action for our intrepid gang. And you had me chuckling a lot imagining Twister hiding from view trying to see Sam change into his swimming trunks. XD

The scene with the condors was really fantastic! I could easily imagine that scene as part of a Lion King-like movie, with Iggy facing bravely the angry condor! Complete with dark skies and all, of course. It was very exciting to read!

... And something tells me Rod had a bit of explaining to do when he got home. XD something tells me he forgot to return the car battery with all the excitement. Mike must have been rather crossed when he ran out of the house on his way to a car rescue downtown, jumped on his trusty old car wrecker, turned the key... and nothing happened. XD By the time he opened the hood, realized his battery was missing, and run into the parts room to get one, he lost several minutes! Fortunately Rod explained to him what happened, and Mike being a huge fan of birds himself, he let the incident pass... sort of XD "Ok, Roderick, no problem there. But tomorrow, after you return from that surfing session with your friends..." (he showed him the mop, broom and dust pan. Rod was going to be busy cleaning the shop! XD)

I was very happy to see Iggy finally inducted in the gang! Rod spent several days pestering the kids that maybe they could induct Iggy to the club, I'm very happy they finally let him be a part of their group. Something tells me he will be cooing happily tonight, dreaming of all the adventures he had.

Fantastic chapter, bruddah! As always two thumbs up!
1/10/2015 c3 1DrKovu
I really like the interactions between the two throughout. I have no idea how someone would react through memory loss, but this seems very realistic. I'm very excited to see how this develops going forward.
12/10/2014 c19 Lion Heart Hope
It was a lot of fun including the new characters and the birds. 4.5/5 I like the scenery change and the small hints of conflict. Is it possible that the gang will have to face the possibility that izzy is dead? I know it wont happen but I liked that passing theme with the veganism going on. I still love the chicken suits but i wonder what else can this work towards other than tranquility or is that just the twist for the ending when izzy comes home they celebrate in the suits and pass on the peace almost like rio.
12/9/2014 c2 DrKovu
Man. Talk about it not being Izzy's day :p
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