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12/9/2014 c1 1DrKovu
Quite a battle to start off. A few unexpected turns. An exciting beginning. Wondering where it will go from here...
12/8/2014 c19 Mike2000
Birds in training... XD that was priceless!

I really enjoyed this chapter, brah! I really looked forward to read it, and it didn't disappoint me. It's very nice seeing all the characters having a chance to share the limelights. And Eddie turned out to be a lot wiser than his mask would have us believe!

I really like how you described Rod. XD our little Barnacle really considers Iggy... erm, IgLo his best pal and mentor, he's very proud to be a part of the flock. As for the rest of the gang, they could use a little more cardio pedaling up that incline more often, huh? XD I'm sure Rod would really love to see them more often.

What really impressed me was that Iggy accepted that the circle of life includes the need to eat other living things. It's something Rod doesn't like much either, but ever since he got ill he learned he needs to eat healthy food to regain his strenght, and that includes a nice dish of scrambled eggs from time to time...

... Anyway, I rally enjoyed reading this chapter, brah! it as very nice seeing Iggy and Rod geting along. I can definitely imagine our little barnacle being so close to Iggy! Thank you very, very much for including him in your story. Two thumbs up, and a lot of wings up from the flock!
9/29/2014 c18 Machs72
That Iggy is priceless! Something tells me he will earn his surfboard very quickly! And that recipiente sounds yummy!

As for Oliver, what can be said about him? He might be very intelligent, but he's sourer than a lemon. He really should be dragged to the crowing sessions.

Very nice chapter! I really look forward to read the second part.
9/23/2014 c18 Lion
This chapter was ok. I like the addition of the other characters. The three scenes made it feel more like the show. 3.5 out of 5 there should have been more detail in the robot fight to keep the excitement of the last chapter. everything else was standard with the story progression. the hot dog burger sounds interesting
8/9/2014 c17 machs72
XD What a fantastic exercise, brah! And Iggy really surprised everyone with his moves and with his feathered lookout! I really liked it very, very much!

Hmm... so they're going to visit Oliver van Rossum, president of the Sea Crest Engineering Club? What does Izzy have in hands... or wings?
8/6/2014 c17 lion
i really liked this chapter wish it was a real episode. the descriptive passages brought new life to the senses. allowing the reader in everyones head was nice and it helped bring realism to the characters where the reader can connect on an adolescent POV. there could have been a little more play with the birds during the congress cult part but being that it would be based on personification it might have felt a bit far fetched. iggys survivalist skills are impressive im glad hes not just a dumb kid but has he already reached his full potential. can he do more? the chicken dance was cute just right for the situation not overbarring. i loved the inner aura things i felt pretty relaxed at this part too. the fight at the end was pretty priceless i just wish they all would have joined in to strengthen the defenses for the flank attack. the puck blocking with sam was amazing. i want more 4.8 out of 5
7/13/2014 c16 machs72
Good to see you back, buddy! I really missed your storytelling!

This was a very, very funny chapter. I see Iggy managed to make peace between Otto and Steven! I'm sure that mysterious friend of Iggy (*ahem*Roderick*ahem!) will be proud of him!

Two thumbs up!

Mike2000 (so long since I last logged in here that I forgot my password... XD)
7/7/2014 c16 Lion
Cool how the characters have there own ticks they feel very dynamic but some still feel a bit static. Iggy the bird whisperer, and Steven is such an instigator. The only part that seemed a bit forced to the point was during the event where iggy was excited for is real brothers return. but i do understand that they are kids so it makes sense that he would repeat himself. other than that it was enjoyable i was able to picture everything through your descriptive imagery. I would probably add more description to the characters so it matches with their tone. dark character versus light character just to let the other readers who are not familiar with the characters understand who they are and what type of adolescent problem they are going through on that day of the story. to make it feel more realistic everyone has a problem or a new goal to achieve. overall 8/10
8/16/2011 c15 Mike 2000
XD That Keoni is priceless! He really knew how to prank Izzy! XD and that monumental splash fight was the perfect ending for a long day. I wonder what the two lovebirds would think if they knew they were being watched. XD

I bet Izzy will hardly forget this day, even if he gets hit by another coconut! XD I can't wait to see what will happen next time.

I'm also curious to see how's poor little Iggy doing back in the mainland... is he still crowing every morning? XD

Like always, a very good story, with lots of comedy and funny situations, brah! Congratulations, you really know how to write! Two thumbs up! ^_^
7/1/2011 c14 Mike2000

Wow, so much action in this chapter. I bet Izzy was feeling like a grilled hamburger when he was in the volcano. But he did what he had to do!

And good thing Keony found a way to keep his present near him. And also it was great to see him remembering Iggy! ^_^ Hopefully these good memories will become more and more often. He'll find out he has an awesome little brother!

Two thumbs up as always, brah! fantastic chapter, was well worth the wait!
4/29/2011 c13 Mike 2000
Wowsers, talk about a workout! XD One thing's for sure: Izzy will be really buff when he returns to Ocean Shores. Something tells me the poor Squid will really gulp when he sees his new and improved rival. XD

And gotta say that I agree with Keoni: poor Izzy is really working hard there. Something tells me this master plan of Mommy will leave Izzy's brain full of new memories... and a few phobias, too. XD but gotta also admit that Izzy's really showing a lot of determination! I've never seen him like that before!

And that last cliffhanger... AAAGH! XD What did he see in the volcano? What's gonna happen? Will he get the flowers? Will he take one to Keoni? Will the pineapple boy take Izzy to his secret spot?

As always, a very good story, brah! Congratulations, and please don't stop writing! ^_^ you're very good!
3/3/2011 c12 Mike2000
XD Ouch, so Mommy really means business! But on the bright side, she does seem to consider Izzy worthy of getting in the Makani clan, so he will do well to work hard and earn the blessings of the matriarch.

... besides, he can use some workout, just to make the Squid gulp in fear when he sees him! XD

I really like the way you write, buddy. Your descriptions are very clear and it's really easy to imagine the setting. and the way you describe Izzy's tribulations is really good! I hope the pineapple boy gets the chance to bring his lovebird under that cascade one of these days... *hint, hint*

Another great chapter, brah! Congratulations! Two thumbs up!
2/12/2011 c11 Mike2000
Wow, so many things going here! XD And those two lovebirds teasing each other! So Izzy learned how to be mischievous, huh? XD!

I really like Kaleo's story. He definitely looks like a fun character, hope Izzy gets to interact with him more; who knows? He might actually learn a trick or two from that bird.

I wonder what's in store for him now that Mommy took Izzy under her wing. Will he be able to resist the challenge? Will the two kids get to Ocean Shores? And what will happen when they meet Iggy and Sammy?

So many questions! great writing as always! Congrats, buddy! *two thumbs up*
1/21/2011 c10 Mike2000
WOOOOW! I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I really, really like how you describe your scenes. very well researched, very clearly described, funny and easy to imagine them learning to surf! Two thumbs up on a magnificent piece of writing, buddy! Congratulations!

Can't wait to see what comes next! ^_^
1/5/2011 c9 Mike2000
WOW, so Izzy can actually smile and laugh? Now that's a new one! XD

So many things happening at the same time... will Izzy learn to surf? Will Iggy learn to surf? Will Sammy get his earplugs? Will Izzy continue crowing every morning and hooting every night? What was observing the kids in the Lopez's house? Will Twister confess his crush on the squid? Will Otto keep his sanity? Will I stop asking questions? XD!

Man, I can't wait to read what happens next! This is definitely a very good story, and I'm curious to see what comes next. Very good job! Two thumbs up! ^_^
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