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1/5/2011 c8 Mike2000
XD! MAN, that Iggy is P R I C E L E S S ! ! ! !

So that's the secret of his exhuberant energy, huh? That explains all the distant crowing and chirping and hooting that has been reported in Ocean Shores lately. XD
1/5/2011 c7 Mike2000
XD! That Iggy is priceless! Hooting in his sleep! XD

And like I said in the last review, it's great getting to know all these new details on my favorite villain, who turns out not to be *that* bad at all! Good, good, good!

Five stars for narrative and imagery, buddy! ^_^
1/5/2011 c6 Mike2000

I've known Izzy and Iggy for quite a long time now, and still I didn't know all the details of their lives and their home that you describe so clear and billiantly in this chapter, buddy! Congratulations on a very clear and absorbing storytelling!

Hehe... So a certain pair of little penguins and a happy flamingo made a cameo appearance here? How cool! I wonder who, or what, was peeking at the boys from behind the picture...

Great writing! ^_^ Like Iggy would say, coolies! *reads on*
1/5/2011 c5 Mike2000
Wow, talk about a very good description of the Makani compound! I really like how you set the stage for the ceremony. It was very easy imagining the scene! And it was also very illuminating to found out those extra details about Izzy's personality; I'm really anxious to know what happens next!

Ah, so good little Sammy also passed the test with flying colors, huh? XD I can only imagine how Otto took it when he found out he had been defeated by the squid! XD!

Great story!
1/4/2011 c4 Mike 2000
Wow! I told you before, and i say it again: I really like the way you write. You've gone from comedy to action, to romance, to drama, all in the course of four chapters. This story is getting better and better, and I can say it's gonna be one worth keeping in the favorites. My congratulations, buddy!

*two thumbs up, faves, etc.*
1/4/2011 c3 Mike 2000
Wowsers! Izzy really got knocked out of his old sour self... and not by falling from 20,000 feet, but because he was hit by a falling coconut? XD We better make sure Sam and the other Ozone Streeters don't get to know this little... weakness. XD

And I can only imagine Keoni's shock when he saw Izzy has a picture of Sam with him! what will happen next? Will this make him distrust the stranger fallen from the sky? Will Izzy recover his memory and go back to his oh-so-merry self? *reads on*

Two thumbs up! XD
1/4/2011 c2 Mike 2000
OO! WOW! Talk about a resilient piece of headwear... Izzy made a huge mistake taking it off... and a bigger one kicking that innocent palm tree. XD

this is looking great! And if I may use a phrase our barnacle might say, "the plot, like the oatmel, is thickening... and getting better!"

(oO yeah, I know, i know... a kid who actually likes to have oatmeal for breakfast... XD!)

I wonder what will happen next! *reads on!*
1/4/2011 c1 Mike 2000
Wowsers, it's great seeing you back to writing, bruddah! And with a very, very good story to boot! This was a very good chapter, full of action and Looney Tunes-esque situations that really made me chuckie. I can't wait to see what happens next, when the sourpuss of Izzy gets down to earth again.

Two thumbs up, definitely worth coming back to ff.net to read this one! ^_^
10/20/2010 c4 6Warrior of Virtue
Intriquing. Update soon.
10/7/2010 c3 Warrior of Virtue
Well that's interesting. Update soon.
10/7/2010 c2 Warrior of Virtue
The sounds of battle slowly come to an end on the Glorft homeworld. As I stand over the slain body of the traitor Zalamee, I turn to address my troops.

Warrior: Soliders, it's been a long bloody war. You have faught bravely and proudly for the freedom and safety of our galaxy. And now, at last, we are victorious!

My words are met with an uproar as we revel in our victory. Just as i go to join my troops, a messenger approaches.

Elite: General! (salutes) Message for you sir!

Warrior: (reads message) well I'll be damned! Prince Izzy's writing again! Send this message to him. (ahem) Good start, please continue, and damn good to have you back.
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