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8/17 c15 Y2Ranma
After the birth Ranma gets a DNA test which reveals Hiroshi lied, he is the one who impregnated her
8/17 c14 Y2Ranma
Hiroshi & Ukyo: Normal then OOC (Out of Character) then Normal with guilt WHY?
8/17 c14 12WPGanimefan
A interesting story
however I just find it hard to believe that Ukyo & Hiroshi would be that petty to set Ranma up & help lock him

They may have not known she would be assaulted & raped but they knew Happosai, Kuno, Mousse & Gosunkugi’s movtives

So kinda hoping that it’s revealed that Happosai did something to them to make them like that
10/12/2017 c1 Fanofyourwork
I see you have been kinda active again recently. I also read what you said about some of the reviews making you want to stop writing which saddens me as these stories were really good and deserve proper endings. I really love your work and don't let a few idiotic reviews make you feel bad about what you created, because these are everyday matters that some people have to go through and it's nice to see some reality brought into the Ranma 1/2 universe from time to time. So, thanks for all the great stories although I really want to see where this one would have ended. Let's just say I was kinda hoping for an Akane/Ranma/Ryoga type of three way marriage thing kinda like how Ranma's boyfriend/Ryoga's girlfriend took place. I think it would have solved the issues herb brought up and Ranma's new interest in boys ;)
9/29/2016 c13 tacaloking
i like the story so far but the biggest problem is that everyone is just fine with herb being around why hes the reason ranma needed the bracelet in the first place as i see everyone should consider him a dangerous enemy i have not seen a good reason everyone seems comfortable with him
5/4/2014 c13 Aftermath Man
I'll continue reading as I want a full picture before my critic but there are some serious issues with the work. I see where your going and what your trying to do but the writing isn't matching up to the idea. I'll get more info it after I fully catch up. PM me if you have questions.
4/29/2014 c20 Tsu
This fanfiction novel is very good, Please finish it so it may see a conclusion

I read some of the other fanfiction from this author and enjoyed them all

I came across many good Ranma 1/2 fanfiction among different sites and am really disappointed that almost none of them were completed
4/29/2014 c20 shugokage
You are definitely an amazing writer with some incredible ideas good job!
3/10/2014 c20 8The Keeper of Worlds
Interesting:). This was excellent and I hope you come back.
11/16/2013 c20 Y2Ranma
This is one of the best written Ranma is locked Fics I have read it is perfectly done

So to quote the WWE Universe
"This is Awesome...This is Awesome...This is Awesome"

Keep up the great job
11/16/2013 c20 Guest
I can see Akane yells "Mara" before dodging another attack from Mousse, Mara appears then as Mousse attacks Akane again she disappears only to reapper with the Norms (Belldandy, Urd & Skuld)
then as Akane beats Mousse, Sylvia defeats (kills) then Mara & The Norms trap her Mother's soul just as Ranma & Shampoo arrive
11/16/2013 c19 The Ranmazon
When Ranma says that she wanted to eat Akane's cooking you should have added "I mean the stuff she use to make not her current cooking" I mean this would make more sense as you have mentioned that Akane's cooking has gotten a lot better
11/15/2013 c20 Guest
I like all types of Fics as long as they are done right & this is one the better Ranma is locked stories out there
11/15/2013 c10 Guest
Love that bit of fan humor my friend has thought of doing that to the old lady as well
10/19/2013 c20 ArinaSugarBaby
Awww Sis that bites I am sorry you have to deal with chickens that have to hide there identity. I am sorry for not getting this review out sooner to you. I always thought you were talented. I know I to complain about grammar but not normally from one of your stories. Born in America with means perfect grammar sense when we Americans butchered the English language partly so you could tell we weren't using the queen's English. The guest to tell you otherwise is a complete grade A Moron flunking World history to make that claim. And I am real sorry I haven't been around when you needed it the most. Sorry I will get back to the story I had to speak my mind after your Authour's note.
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