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6/27 c2 aberle82
Have a little backbone Ichigo, jeezus.

Too many times in these fics Grimmjow does something that is truly UNFORGIVABLE, and Ichigo just lets him get away with it, then screws him three chapters later.

Boundaries are healthy.
4/17/2016 c13 StrongPoison
Hi, your story is just so cool!
It was real fun to read it. I love the relationship you created between Grimm and Ichigo. It worries me that they still have not talked about were they stand, but I guess their actions speak for them right?
Especially Grimmjow, his behaviour gave me so many feelings. I really like how they are growing as a couple and their banter is always amusing. Aizen's role in this is really interesting too, I'm so curious about what he's going to do to mess things up.
It's really interesting also that Grimmjow is a musician, will you develop that aspect of him? Also...he is totally the one Luppi spotted right? Please, it has to be him. I think I'd jump over the balcony if they actually were to make their relationship official.
Thanks for the hard work, definitely following this story.
3/12/2016 c13 Nofacetohide
Noooooo! You left it at a cliffhanger... Please update!
7/29/2015 c13 hellorocket
Is that fine piece of ass Grimmjow?!

I read Chapters 1 to 13 in a single sitting and really love the setting of this fic! (Have never read anything like this before!) Can't wait for your next update :)
7/18/2015 c13 aya -.- desu
who is that 'fine pieces of ass' ?! is that grimmjow?! i hope that was grimmjow...
6/28/2015 c13 21phoenix220
Guess I forgot to press follow so was a hit behind when I found this one again. Brilliant updates and can't wait for more. Do feel grimm is a bit shirty for continually berating ichigo ' music but I guess he's clinging to the assholes persona. Can't wait for the next update
6/26/2015 c13 inspirit.anime
Oh me, oh my I bet we know who it is
Great chapter as usual! There were several typos but other then that, amazing job
6/26/2015 c13 Severe Broccoli
Arrrgh, you are killing us here! We wanna see Grimmjow's fine piece of ass ASAP! :D
Arrrgh, the wait, the waiiiiiiit!
Ok, I'm gonna behave now.
This is really great) I love how Grimmjow is totally caring and err...sweet, but with all the character and "Fucking rain...Why the fuck...Shit...shity weather...Fucking shit" badassness)
6/26/2015 c13 2Soya Pie
Grimmjow always have to make am entrance wherever he goes, hahaha! Unless it is Aizen but I highly doubt that Ichigo would have any big reaction towards him. I dearly hope the a Grimmichi relationship would progress further. Nonetheless, thank you for the update. A perfect chapter as always :3
6/26/2015 c13 Olinek
I really enjoy reading this one. The clif hanger at the end thats mean, I just sooo much want to know what Grimmjow is wearing and how meeting e band is going to. Im so glad you decided to come back to this its one of my fav storys and I wanted so much to see the ending. Thank you for that, hope you enjoying It as much as Im. Cant wait for the next one, Im sooo exitet for guy they are sooo cute together. Have a nice day :)
6/26/2015 c13 36Hollow Ichigo-Ichigo
hee hee must be Grimm. :D
6/25/2015 c13 2Baka Kage Usagi
Luppi put yo nasty tounge back in yo nasty mouth and march yo nasty ass out the club and let Grimmy and Ichi engage in hanky panky on the dance floor.
6/19/2015 c12 Annonymous Insan
Lazy ta sign in, but man! This mornin must've been such a libido filled one! Ahahha Grimm make up yer mind will ya? I dun think Ichi can take more of yer unsure hints any longer.

I think I ave a bad feelin bout Luppi too ahahaha xD bet he's gunna be wreckin buncha havoc with Grimm and Ichi's relationship
6/2/2015 c12 Yessi
I sooooooo love this fic!
5/28/2015 c12 xXGrimm-chanXx
Yay I love it! (took me ages to catch up but) I love this story loads and its so unique and heartfelt!
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