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for Star Trek Armada II

3/9/2018 c5 5HufflepuffBadger1978
You should write an alternate version of "Along the Neutral Zone" in which hostilities broke out between the Federation and Romulans.
3/7/2011 c1 gillian
wikihow has some good advice for .Get-Good-Reviews-for-a-Fanfiction and .Boost your chances of getting a review on fanfiction.net. ~~gilly~~
3/3/2011 c25 10Just a Crazy-Man
good luck Marine...
2/28/2011 c24 Just a Crazy-Man
2/19/2011 c23 CC
2/19/2011 c6 CC
1/13/2011 c22 Just a Crazy-Man
Nice story...

Can't wait for more.
1/4/2011 c18 Wolfman-053
You won't hear me complaining!
12/25/2010 c12 Sage1988
The klingon campaign has got off to a great start and I eagerly await the rest of the campaign
12/19/2010 c11 32Sage1988
I like the way you have stayed true to the game storyline and added a few twists and turns of your own

I would dearly like to see how you write the Klingon and Borg campaigns

Great story

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