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for Father and Son

4/1/2017 c1 5Lucent Shadow
Big tear jerker. I really felt like this could have been a canon element or scene somewhere between '07 and '08. You definitely brought out the emotions of Vakama, Nuju, and Matoro in a strong, relatable manner. Seriously, if they had made a movie or a TV series for the Inika-Mahri, this - or something very similar - should've been at the end. Allowing the chance for Matoro to say his final words to Nuju, or to his Toa team; that would've been big. Monumental.

Very well done!
2/6/2012 c1 5Jazzyart
I cried so much when Matoro died in the books, now I read this and I don't know if I will stop crying this time!

But my mom is looking at me from across the room with a WTF? look on her face now; I so shouldn't read these with other people around...
5/2/2011 c1 3Lielac
just got a little sand in my eyes

Oh who am i kidding -bawls-
3/31/2011 c1 17iExperiment
Yes, i see the button. Yes, i hit it. Happy now? ;D

Lol. Great. Just great. First your fics depress me, then they cheer me up, then they make me wanna cry again. Mood swing roller coaster much? T.T

And the story of the Mintao was cool...makes me think of a story about the Minotaur i read were this girl said something like what Matoro said...pleading innocence for someone else cause nobody knows the real truth...uess Matoro musta believed that people were innocent til proven guilty? Good old Matoro...

3/17/2011 c1 53Zelda12343
That was SO SAD!
11/17/2010 c1 4TigerToa
Aw, Matoro... Always the truest hero any could ask to meet...
10/7/2010 c1 InTheLight-Hija
Oh my gosh, this was amazing! I've always wondered how Nuju would react to Matoro's death. There really wasn't a whole lot in the books, which I think is just wrong. Nuju HAS feelings, ya know!

I think this fic showed how much those two meant to each other. Bringing in Matoro like that was a neat little twist, something that you wouldn't expect, but it works great. By the end I had a teary look on my face and I was ready to cry, but my mom is sitting across from me on the couch giving me a "wha?" look. XD

Matoro shall always be remembered! *hugs Matoro* And Nuju shall never be alone! *hugs Nuju*

Great story, I simply love it. *faves*

10/7/2010 c1 4Amilla Evelan
*sniffle* I came THIS close to crying when Matoro died...and I NEVER cry during books, if that tells you anything.

I always wondered how Nuju would take the loss of Matoro, so I'm glad you wrote this. It's really good, though very sad. :'(

Great job, keep up the good work, and all that other good stuff.


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