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for Vampire Academy DPOV

1/24/2012 c7 9HazelRQ
Very good idea, writing from Dimitri's point of view. I like how you mix up scenes from the booms and your inventions :)

it's so strange thinking about rose at the beginning before she k.ew how to fight when she's such a badass now:P
9/7/2011 c7 1roseXdimitri
Haha... SLUT!
1/5/2011 c7 1I'm busy saving the world
1/3/2011 c7 6NightWrighter511
I like it
11/28/2010 c6 LillyCarter
Good? Bad? hahaha it was great. I love that your line is simple and fun to follow keep up the great work :D
11/19/2010 c5 LillyCarter
Okay chloe since you reviewed my story I decided to check yours out. It's great and I cant wait until you UD! :) keep it up yeah? and I'm so glad someone whose 14 is on fanfiction aswell... I thought I was seriously the only one.XD
11/8/2010 c5 SAMI.JANE321
this is really amazing im loving that i get to seee what dimitri is thinking! :)) ♥ pleasee keep goingg:)
11/4/2010 c4 Shona13

pleasee hurry and write more i cant wait

10/26/2010 c3 juju76
Love it! Please continue to update!
10/10/2010 c2 2xXxJustLivingLifexXx
Cool chapter

UD soon
10/7/2010 c1 3Chantie15
MUCH, much better :D 3
10/7/2010 c1 2xXxJustLivingLifexXx
this iscool

please write more

thanks x

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