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for Beginnings of a Misunderstood Legend

7/29/2015 c3 Berlin
Wow, really interesting!
12/30/2012 c3 7Chopsticks89
Woah...poor little L!
this kinda reminds me of touch with all the numbers but I like this better ^w^
7/19/2011 c3 1BeeperNation
*Tear-drop* How sad (and creepy). I love it, and I can't wait for you to update
5/1/2011 c3 Defected to others
This is very good. I'm looking forward to seeing Whammy. Poor L.
2/3/2011 c3 a-silent-indulgence
Please update!
1/24/2011 c3 12XxOngakuxX
This is such a good story! I really love how you were able to make L still seem like L even though he's only a child! This was such a great story! I really like how you made a mystery about what happened to his family and gave a little back-story on what his family was like (most stories just start with them dead)! I can't wait until you write more! So many questions are running through my head and I can't wait to get them answered! Please, write more very soon!

11/24/2010 c3 36SharkbaitSekki
Wowww, this is awesome O: Keep it up, I really do enjoy rwading this. I love how L is actually calculating everything in his head while the officers fumble around trying to get him to speak ;D

I wonder what'll happen next... I... Must... KNOW!

Yeah, great job on this chapter, you really did well with the emotions, which are at times the most difficult things to coordinate in a fic :D I really hope to read more soon, so here's to a job well done and hopefully, a quick update!

Cheers~ xD
11/11/2010 c2 SharkbaitSekki
wow! this is actually really good! Hey, listen, I figured a review would cheer ya up and motivate you to write some more (: It's a really cool story and I'm intrigued to see what happens next and how L grows up to be the L we all know.

Fascinating, really. Thanks a bunch for creating this story, it's interesting (: Keep writing, kay? :D
11/10/2010 c2 1OnyxFlames
Wow! I am captivated by this story. I think this is a very good idea for a plot. I've been looking for a fanfiction like this about L for a very long time. I think you have done a wonderful job on what L would have been like as a child. I am also amazed by your grammar. It is hard to come by a story nowadays with as good grammar as yours. I applaud you on this story for having an interesting storyline, good characterization, and proper use of grammar and spelling. I can't wait to read more. =D
11/8/2010 c2 ranlou
I love this story! Countinue writeing! ^-^
10/13/2010 c1 4Little Soldier Mine
O snap! I really like the story you have here! It's a new and very interesting twist for why L is L and how he came to be. I really like it and look forward to the next chapter. :)


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