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for Coby's Magical Misadventure

7/31/2020 c27 19magical fan18
It's a shame that you've had to discontinue this; I've enjoyed reading it a lot, hope someone adopts it and gives it the attention it deserves.
7/31/2020 c16 magical fan18
Pansy reminds me of Sunny from Toriko with the feelers and multicoloured hair.

Just not the psychotic personality.
7/30/2020 c1 magical fan18
Interesting chapter so far; wonder how Garp will react to all this.
7/11/2018 c1 Guest
I've been procrastinating with this story for awhile but I'm glad I finally started this.
I don't know who "Gerard" is.
4/27/2018 c3 3AniMeOtaKuKiNg
Nice story. I am enjoying read this fic
11/8/2016 c8 2Chrisfragger
I am enjoying this fic, but I wish you would ease up on the harem aspect... It's a little ridiculous.
12/3/2015 c27 26Fi Suki Saki
i know this is discontinue. but i will still put it in my favourite list.

and i only know half of 1/4 of Fairy Tail. XD
This is so enjoyable!

7/10/2015 c2 5Syndrias82
7/1/2015 c27 Agent Frank Underwood
Good story, I honestly didn't think I would enjoy a Coby centric story but I did. I would have voted for the Coby x Mirajane. After all that's happened it would have felt forced if they had become like Bro and sister.
7/1/2015 c9 Agent Frank Underwood
Good chapter, I love the interaction between Coby and Mirajane
7/1/2015 c6 Agent Frank Underwood
Really good fight!
2/15/2015 c1 Guest
Colby to a T
12/24/2014 c27 GR
So, skipped 20something chapters to the AN, knew that the story got too far back from the OT
12/24/2014 c8 GR
focus on main story will ya
12/24/2014 c7 GR
oy, Coby is already in the Granline before MWar and he is 17,get the fact right
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