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4/21/2011 c19 Lulabell75
Yea! That was kinda fun to play with him. ;-)
4/21/2011 c17 Lulabell75
That was sad, too. Awesome rec's btw!
4/21/2011 c15 Lulabell75
Oh, that was sad.
4/21/2011 c21 The Daylighter
Great ending for a great story! I loved it, sad to see it end but it ended perfectly. Now on to start your new story! *waves* See you there!
4/21/2011 c12 Lulabell75
Awesome, loved it!
4/21/2011 c11 Lulabell75
I liked the exchange between Charlie and Edward. Onward...
4/21/2011 c10 Lulabell75
Aww, sad. Just like the movie. Loving it!
4/21/2011 c9 Lulabell75
That was sad. Onward...
4/21/2011 c8 Lulabell75
Nice! I got my line! So happy. Onward...
4/21/2011 c7 Lulabell75
Just as awesome as the movie!
4/20/2011 c6 Lulabell75
Awesome rec's at the end of this chapter! Loving this story! Onward...
4/20/2011 c5 Lulabell75
Aww, gotta love momma's! Great chapter. Onward...
4/20/2011 c4 Lulabell75
Love it! Please say there's gonna be a " you have a baby... In a bar"!
4/20/2011 c3 Lulabell75
Ah, not the Tiffany's proposal, but still nice. ;-)
4/20/2011 c2 Lulabell75
Hmm, love it! Onward...
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