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for Coming Home to You

4/15/2011 c18 FFpassion
awww I can't wait until they come face to face.

I loved Bella punching out Victoria yay for her :)

looking forward to the next update.


4/15/2011 c18 pnkats
Hope she finds him soon.
4/15/2011 c18 NannaRahRah
love it
4/15/2011 c18 ECis4Me
Awww, the painting. GAH! That made me tear up a bit, ngl...

I hope she goes back and finds him in the meadow..

Loved the chapter!

4/15/2011 c18 kavelf
thanks for the chapter.
4/15/2011 c18 The Daylighter
Awww sad to see it ending I really enjoyed it. I am eager to see your next story!
4/14/2011 c17 pnkats
Yeah now let her go get edward!
4/14/2011 c17 The Daylighter
Poor Riley, I do feel kinda bad for him. Now the question remains, will Edward take her back. It seems he is trying to move on.
4/14/2011 c17 grrrr.edward
love love love love!
4/13/2011 c17 ECis4Me
Shes still married. Weeee! :-)

I like that she found out before the actual ceremony. I always felt bad for what's his face, having it happen in front of all those people!

Great chapter.

xx Tyra
4/13/2011 c17 kavelf
thanks for the chapter.
4/13/2011 c17 Erikajo
Great chapter!

Love when you rec a real book! Checked out the Fever Series on Amazon. Hard to tell which order they go in after Dark Fever. Have you read the author's other series (Highlander)?
4/13/2011 c17 AnotherJen
K, I'll add The Fever Series to my TBR list. But dude, I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED this next chapter like I need Bobby, Rob, air, and Dr. Pepper. Seriously. I need it soon. :)
4/13/2011 c17 TexasTwilight77
Yay! I can't wait to see how she goes to him. Excellent job. ;)
4/13/2011 c17 Courtney37
yea yea yea! she's going to get her man! I really can't wait for more. keep up the great work. thanks again bye for now
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