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for Coming Home to You

1/5/2011 c9 grrrr.edward
wow . really really sad. :(
1/5/2011 c8 grrrr.edward
1/5/2011 c9 pnkats
Don't screw it up edward. Looking forward to what he does next.
1/5/2011 c9 Courtney37
aww poor Bella. she thought she was pregnant and wasn't and then her husband (who is a douche in a way in this story) decides to just let her walk out of his life 2 times! I love the drama. keep up the great work. thanks again bye
1/5/2011 c9 MsFierceKitten
Great Chapter!

I love finding out how Bella actually did leave and why. I cant wait to see what happens next!

Cheers :)
1/5/2011 c9 ECis4Me
Ooh geez. *grabs tissue* Yes, I'm a wimp. A masochistic wimp, but none the less, a wimp. :-)

Great chapter. I love seeing that he really does love her still.

That's the nice thing about books.. You can peek into the mind of the individuals.. right?

Great chapter, as always. Looking forward to the next!

1/5/2011 c9 i.luv.twilight2
Wow. It seems as though Edward thought he could still have all the fun of being single while playing "married" when he felt the need to go home? Did he really think Bella would just go along with being isolated and alone forever?
1/5/2011 c9 AnotherJen
:'( I has a sad.

Looking forward to whatever is going to happen next! I really haven't a clue. Which I think you like. LOL
1/5/2011 c1 6kuntrygal
Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favorite movies!
12/18/2010 c8 JitterBugGirl
You have a baby in a bar, oh man that will be stuck in my head.. Great Chapter.. Happy Holidays!
12/17/2010 c8 Courtney37
ohh that's so sad about the update until next year :( but this chapter was cute. especially with Esme and Carlisle being in the picture. :D I can't wait for more. thanks again bye
12/17/2010 c8 TexasTwilight77
Haha, good one. ;) Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
12/17/2010 c8 ECis4Me
Aaaah stirring up some memories... ;-)

Happy Holidays to you, my dear.

- Tyra
12/17/2010 c8 MsFierceKitten
haha love drunk Bella! loved seeing Esme and Carlisle enter the story.

Cheers and happu holidays :)
12/17/2010 c8 pnkats
You go edward! Great chapter. Can't wait for update. Hope you have a great holiday.
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