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12/8/2016 c1 LaurelLeafSinger
A very well written one shot, as are all your other Twilight chapters. Laughed at Alice as she proclaimed "Something's coming" and how she pouted because she didn't receive any interest from her family at first. Then she smugly sat on her news ;-). So Alice!

And Edward is always reluctant to talk about his dark side, his pre-Bella and initial kill-Bella thoughts. And Bella is uneasy because Edward goes into that dark, broody mode. It's sad that she fears speaking certain things because she worries that he will pull away. It's her greatest fear, his leaving her.

Thanks for writing this.
5/29/2011 c1 14yeszcullen
It was very good. Now we get to know a little bit from Alice's visions of Bella coming... NICE! =D
10/21/2010 c1 wandering in the dark
that was a really WOW story...i loved the vocab, and i loved the presentation...all words twined together with prefection...amazing!
10/9/2010 c1 37Mizra
Oooh, very good! I like the flashback and it was done in a such a way I haven't heard yet. Nice job :)
10/8/2010 c1 ZooeyD

I thought you would use something from Midnight sun ^^''' But I liked it :)
10/7/2010 c1 4BernieR
As always, you are amazing girl!

I was so excited to see u posted this, I love reading your work! :)
10/7/2010 c1 36Scarlett71177
This was really lovely. The narration and voice were well done, and it's nice to see this precise moment and how everyone reacts to it.

Keep up the good work!
10/7/2010 c1 71Michelle285
I liked this! It was good...and I always love Alice! Emmett is hilarious too...especially when he got irritated with Alice...and when she told him that his wrestler was going to lose the match! Anyway, I loved the idea behind this story and I never really thought of this before, so I'm glad you did! :) Great job! :)
10/7/2010 c1 eli-rose
nice try...;-)
10/7/2010 c1 28Thats-So-Alex
How do you always manage to find so many missing moments? I wish I could do that!

I loved it. :) It was really nice to see an insight into what it was like for him. :)
10/7/2010 c1 Poly
I loved this oneshot. I loved the idea that Alice knew that she was going to come, and also how they saw Charlie :)
10/7/2010 c1 radioactive77
Lovely little one shot...just what I needed. I'm hoping for something in between Eclipse and BD...

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