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1/22/2011 c9 BTRGirl
UPDATE! You can't leave us on a cliffie!
1/22/2011 c9 gLeek321
GAHHHH KENDALL! Don't let him die! I don't think Breanne would be able to handel it!
1/22/2011 c9 BreeZ
POOR KENDALL! Now you HAVE to update doon! Like no question! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!
1/22/2011 c9 Guest
Oh nooooo! Kendall was my least favourite but i dont want him to die! Update soon pleasse!
1/22/2011 c9 12HunnyABee
WTH! GAH! Poor Kendall :(

And aaaw somewhat CarlosJayden friendship.

Poor Kendall. :(

And poor Jamesie. And what about Logan? :( Not good, with Kendall in the hospital. They'll be devastated.

On the plus side, the sad accident makes this more dramatic. Yay for angst.

1/22/2011 c8 Live. Laugh.Love
That's really amazing. I love your writing but i hate that you havent updated in forever! I have some ideas. Next chapter, you should have Carlos/James/Kendall's pov of what's going on with the girls at the after-party! I think that would be a great like preview of like how the guys really feel about Jayden, Leah and Breanne. Please update soon! I really miss this story. I've checked everyday this week to see if you've updated! So please do!
1/9/2011 c8 4Meggiesaurus
1/3/2011 c8 Hailey
1/3/2011 c8 12HunnyABee
Ha-ha. Funny:)

1/3/2011 c8 BreeZ
Yay you updated! I think Taylor is a PLAYA! Call him taylor the playor haha ;) Update soooon pleeeeeeease!
1/3/2011 c8 11Destinysfailure
Adding Dak Zevon=genius. I can't wait to see what him and James are like when they fight over Jayden. :P

Good chapter. I don't blame you if it's short, because I do that a lot on my stories know that. :D I liked it anyhow. Sorry I didn't catch onto that part of her badness.

Anyways, keep up the amazing work! It's ah-mazing!

Love always!

1/3/2011 c8 3vortexFM
Awesome as ever!

Sorry... I can't make a long review without it sounding fake ^^;
12/9/2010 c7 adhjkaaaaaa
WTF! D:, wow that took me by surprise, I didn't expect that

please update soon, this chapter was amazing I LOVE IT! ^^
12/3/2010 c7 CheerFreak97
Okay i think you should have jayden and the guys go to leah and breannes fashion show, and have jayden meet dak zevon or wayne wayne or something and have like just a little something there! I luv drama like that
12/1/2010 c7 DaughteroftheSun51295
Good Chapter! I felt so bad for jayden :( but for sn idea someone should get in a car accident! But can Breanne be in it? I like her ;). But like she can call the friends of whoevers in it or something while freaking out. Just thought that can be a base or something!


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