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12/1/2010 c7 BreeZ
Aww poor Jayden :( i checked out the website and thats EXACTLY how i pictured breanne... Kinda creepy... Anyways update soon!
12/1/2010 c7 11Destinysfailure
Wait for it...'s coming... it is...

...! James equals smart! And Jayden equals admitting her feelings! YAY! This chapter literally made my day (: I really liked the third person view, switching it up is always fun and different(like my texting part from my BTR story :P). You're doing a great job, and I like how you included the Jennifer's bitchy side, because it's always fun to mess with them.

Anyways,great chapter! Keep up the amazing work! And if I owned BTR, you could have Carlos as long as I got Kendall. (:


11/28/2010 c7 Monkey-Bear-07
This chapter was really good! I also hate the Jennifers!
11/27/2010 c7 4Purplesycho99
YAY!U updated!GREAT chapter!UPDATE!
11/1/2010 c6 Monkey-Bear-07
Awesome chapter! Life IS complicated!
10/31/2010 c6 11Destinysfailure
Sad face for your science project! :( life sucks sometimes. but at least you didn't get complete last, right?

Anyways, 3 the chapter. Poor, poor James. I feel bad for him for once! haha. he should totally sneak out to tell Jayden he likes her. ;) and Jayden is totally in love with him ( but yay!

Great work. Keep going please!

3 always,

10/31/2010 c6 adhjkaaaaaa
trust me, I was asking me that for 16 years -.-, I love the chapter
10/23/2010 c5 Destinysfailure
Me= sorry i didn't review this earlier since you review MY story! haha. This is really great, though. I usually don't like James/OC stories because he isn't my favorite member of BTR (Obviously, haha), but I like your character's attitude. And you know, just like Justin Bieber says.."Haters gonna hate." (SORRY! I HAD TO QUOTE HIM! I know you don't like him! LOL).

Anyways, great story, please keep going, I love it.


10/20/2010 c5 Fujiwara Yume
luv it keep going plz
10/16/2010 c5 adhjkaaaaaa
mjmmmmmm Love is in the air! ^/^ please continue soon
10/15/2010 c5 IluvCarlosPena1397
Haha i LOLed at "must ask for permission" haha great story keep updating :D
10/15/2010 c5 Bubbledoo651
I like this story! This was a funny chappie!
10/15/2010 c1 Samabam9996
I like the story! Pleeease continue and update!
10/15/2010 c5 BreeZ
Sweet i got Kendall! :) i like that chapter so i guess... And idea about me and kendall dancing in a studio (like the one in cheetah girls 2) i just remembered that haha! Anyways and we sing "Gonna Get This" by Hannah Montana and Iyaz orrrr Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Callet (sp?)
10/15/2010 c5 OneoftheBooooyys
Updaaaaaaate! Nice song choice, by the way.
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