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9/20/2011 c1 1Odium Fati
like it so far, please update faster! _ i need to know what's next!, i'll go mad if you dont! @
2/6/2011 c2 2Sovay Chancellor
OMG! This is really good so far, and I cant wait for you to keep writing! I wanna know what happens to her!
2/6/2011 c1 Sovay Chancellor
Really good so far, keep up the awesomeness!
11/4/2010 c2 3Roux P. Q. White
Love it.
10/18/2010 c2 9Krizteena
Interesting story so far... can't wait to

The prologue was fine short... but chapters shoul probably be longer ;)
10/18/2010 c1 Krizteena
Prologues are meant to be short :)

Pretty good start for you SECOND story :D Have fun with it!

One request: Please, please, Please, PLEASE do your best to keep Zero in character :/ There are some pretty...Interesting(?) fanfiction out there that need to give their Zero character another name because he is everything BUT Zero. Please and Thanks :)

looking forward to reading chapter one
10/17/2010 c2 BuckityBarnes
I love your atory so far keep writting and update soon please!
10/14/2010 c2 WaterKyoshi
Sweet! I love the story so farX333 update soon!
10/12/2010 c2 1Lazarus-kun
Sounds good sofar, can't wait to find out what happenes next! Update soon^^
10/9/2010 c1 Rinako
This is really good! :)

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