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8/19/2012 c10 13creativesm75
9/24/2011 c10 20James Birdsong
Good oh yes. :)
6/16/2011 c10 30Handwithquill
I know it's been a long time,but I wanted to offically review this chapter. and that review is this:

This is good! ;P I like where it's going and can't wait till you post the next part. Also,

"As long as I live you will never be a burden to me."

Sherlock began to walk away.

"Can we move this along please?"

Am I imaginging things or does Sherlock seem a little Jealous. ::blink, blink::
4/29/2011 c10 4Reader-anonymous-writer
Hilarious chaos...

Dumbledore did tell Sherlock about magic, otherwise it would be difficult for Sherlock to pull off pretending to be a wizard; Sherlock is connected to Floo.

I wouldn't be surprised if Sherlock was naturally resistant to memory modification and mind reading, otherwise Voldemort would have noticed that there are no Occlumency shields.

If anybody can manage to switch a wizard and a non-wizard for duration of Death Eater party under eyes of the Dark Lord, Sherlock and Severus can. But they seem to be quite careless; I haven't seen them to change/transfigure their clothes while swallowing the potion.

It would have been better to have some kind of mind-link during the party, so that they wouldn't have to speak with each other to exchange relevant information while each of them pretends to be another.
1/17/2011 c1 30Handwithquill
::Bounces:: I come back from vacation just in time for your update! ::Squee:: This was good.

A little bit of CC: Snape tells Sherlock "If he knows about her or my kids he will use them to make me do whatever he wants"

I don't think Severus would say "Kids" wouldn't he be more likely to say 'my children'?

also, he would be more likely to tell Sherlock ignore and intimidate Wormtail?

Other than that, I really can't wait to see the interaction between Russ, Sherlock and Kyle. Part of me wants for her to be 'slightly' confused of which one is which, but the larger part of me knows that she would be able to tell.
12/18/2010 c6 Handwithquill
Oooh! I like where this is going! Will I, um...I mean Kyle, do cool things in the next chapter?

I'm sorry I haven't responed before this. RL is Kicking my butt with hours and sleep. Hopefuly see you on the 27th!
12/11/2010 c6 4Poison-and-Foxglove
I can't wait for them to drink the polyjuice potion!
12/8/2010 c5 Poison-and-Foxglove
Gah! Write more! Now!
10/12/2010 c3 1Agent44
Yay, another chapter!

I appreciated the way you so succinctly summarized the fourth harry potter book, and I liked the way you introduced Snape in his own element. It felt a little fast-paced, but hey; sometimes things just happen that way.

I really have to compliment you on the way you handled the introduction of Irene Adler, however. It's magnificent. Exactly the way the movies portrayed her.

And, of course, I like the way Sherlock messes with Snape's head a little bit there at the end. Designed to infuriate, indeed. Now I really look forward to watching these two interact!
10/9/2010 c2 30Handwithquill
Hey, I just read it! It's really good.

I like the way that you started it. It felt like a Holmes story. Have you read some of them? If I remember, you had only seen the movie and the few Jeremy Brett eps. that I showed you.

"Sherlock put his hands on both armrests of his chair and raised himself up so he could sit cross-legged on his chair. He clasped his hands together and brought them up to his face so that his two pointer fingers were on his lips."

Really liked that ;P.

The interaction between Holmes and Lestrade was well done. It felt a little bit like the bickering in the new modern version the will be airing soon.

I like and think that all the changes that you made make sense. They make the story flow well. and I'm pretty sure I haven't shown you "The Empty House" yet so if you haven't read it on your own, Watson did some ME work for Lestrade.

I'm eager to see how the Potter's murder fits in with the case.

And of course, I am eagerly anticipating Russell showing up! (and no, I'm not talking about Mary-I'm-an-evil-Mary-Sue Russell)

Can't wait for more.
10/9/2010 c2 1Agent44
First of all, let me say that the idea of a Sherlock/Severus fic intrigues me greatly, and that I am very glad someone has decided to write such a thing. I agree with just about everything you have said in your first author's note; although I much appreciate your having taken the time to point out your though process. The setting choices you have made in regards to each story's individual timeline are intelligent and I completely agree with your having opened the story in Watson's point of view. Although I disagree with your point in the second chapter about being unable to write the whole thing in Watson's POV, I understand that this is your story and you are the one who makes the stylistic choices.

I would like to state plainly that I mean everything I shall say in this review to be constructive criticism, and that I am wholeheartedly encouraging you to continue this story whatever way you see fit. I am approaching this from the side of a fan of Holmes and a casual reader of Harry Potter, and that unfortunately has the side effect of making me rather picky about small details. Doyle was an accomplished author who had an editor and lived in his setting; expecting such things from any fanfiction writer is fallacy and as such I will try not to hold you to his standard. If you choose to ignore everything I say I will not blame you.

I do, however, feel that I must point out the number of anachronisms you have included in your story, and the inconsistencies with the Holmes canon. While I can understand that artistic choices can be made and sometimes details must be sacrificed for the sake of the story, there are other things that are jarring enough to jolt me, personally as a reader, completely out of the plot you have created, without even a note to explain. You seem to have moved the Holmes crew up to the HP cast's timeline, but without an explanation I had assumed that we were in the Holmes timeline. The casual reference to a helicopter honestly shocked me. Holmes and Watson lived before the era of showers, telephones, and helicopters. If you have set the story in the HP universe rather than the Holmes universe, Even more jolting was the reference to Watson's having moved out after Holmes' faked death. In Holmes canon, Watson moved out in the process of their first published adventure, some four years or so before Holmes faked his death.

I really didn't want to assault you with a giant block of text in your first review, but the sheer concept of your story has blown my mind and I must admit to some extremely rabid tendancies towards Holmes; I am far more enthusiastic about this than I probably should be. I love both of the universes you are using to death, and although I have my suggestions, I'd follow this thing every update until the finish no matter what you chose to do with it.

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