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for A Very Weird Musical

3/27/2011 c10 5orphanedacc
Know how you said you update when good things happen?


/Prepares for update/
3/27/2011 c11 cant think of a name
wow that was brilliant please tell me that your going to do the sequal
3/24/2011 c11 orphanedacc
Please... More...

I love that musical 3

All me and my friend did was talk about it today xD
3/22/2011 c11 45Randomly writing
I do hope you will continue this! It is AMAZING!
3/19/2011 c11 6HufflepuffForever
So AWESOME! After you finish making this one you should make one for AVPS!
3/14/2011 c11 Angele Fall
I cant wet for the next chapter write soon have a nice day.
3/14/2011 c11 1Just-As-Loony-As-Luna
Great story, hope you update soon =) xx
3/14/2011 c11 Wishtofly
Oh, hilarity! Update soon!
3/13/2011 c11 4Aria657
Lol, I loved this song. Oh, poor Ron! This was hilarious! Loved it! Update soon please!
3/13/2011 c11 10swimdiva87
Squirt is delicous! How dare you! Anywho, like the chapter.
3/13/2011 c11 Anon
Squirt actually isn't half bad, just so you know :)
3/13/2011 c11 2Sparkle Ninja27
Awesome chapter! I'm so glad you updated! Great job with the chapter, I can't wait to see more reactions!

Pretty Please update soon!
3/13/2011 c11 11glistening moon
Good chapter, Update again soon!
3/12/2011 c11 geegee20
squirt is aweosme!
3/12/2011 c5 Wetstar
LOL! Loved the:

"We'd probably pelt it with snow balls." Harry said with a straight face.

"Huh?" Sirius asked.

"Oh, the twins bewitched snowballs to bounce on the back of his turban."

"I LOVE THEM!" not only Sirius but also Remus shouted.
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