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for A Very Weird Musical

11/29/2010 c10 4Flags-R-Us
I've also noticed tha Harry did not mourn his parents over Halloween. I always wondered why because Hargid told him in the Sorcerers Stone:

"Maybe he thought he could persuade 'em… maybe he just wanted 'em outta the way. All anyone knows is, he turned up in the village where you was all living, on Halloween ten years ago. You was just a year old. He came ter yer house an' — an' —"
11/28/2010 c10 10swimdiva87
Love it! Keep it up! I'll be looking for the next chapters...
11/28/2010 c10 13Ignorance-Your New Best Friend
Woot, woot! Update as soon as you can! I can't wait till the next chapter! :DDD
11/27/2010 c10 5XXForrestStarXX
totally awsome ^^
11/27/2010 c10 9callmedaynuhh

this is soo funny. i keep busting out in laughter because i can picture AVPM while reading this.
11/26/2010 c10 8TimeToWriteIsHistory
"He never left his dorm for two days after wards." Sirius finished.


I don't get this line. Could you explain it?


"While I love this play, I also like oxygen." Harry muttered.


Hahaha I like this line. It's very clever.


Quirrell hugged Voldemort and Cedric got a few weird stares; he was imitating the onscreen couple sighing blissfully with his eyes closed. Those nearest him, namely Ron, edged away slowly.


Oh my god I'm dying. This is great.
11/26/2010 c10 MagicRoxSox
'"While I love this play, I also like oxygen." Harry muttered.'

I cannot agree more. My parents started giving me weird looks because I was reading this in the living room. Good job, good job!

11/26/2010 c10 10VelvetRose529
*Dances* Go Sarah, go Sarah, it's yo birfday, you awesome! lol

11/10/2010 c1 1Gleeksupport
Continue! Really good and funny!
11/9/2010 c9 11Jess-C96
11/9/2010 c3 Jess-C96
stacey in this chapter i as laughing soooo FREAKING hard!

lolluvin it still xxx
11/9/2010 c1 Jess-C96
stacey bby u forgot the bit of dialogue before hermione starts singing the i may be frumpy etc! god u need ur head checked!

tehe loving it! xxxx
11/3/2010 c9 13Ignorance-Your New Best Friend
Oh, I've ALWAYS wondered the same thing! I actually said it to my brother. Or he said it to me, I can't really remember... but for the purpose of this review, I said it. Harry should be a tincy bit sad, right...?

Anyways, I'm lovin' this as always! :D

Update soon!
11/2/2010 c9 1dmlainey
Can't wait for the Granger Danger part! And the Ron/Hermione kiss. Haha!
10/31/2010 c9 8TimeToWriteIsHistory
Hermione slapped her best friend on the back of the head, knocking his messy hair even more askew. "You would say that."

"No I wouldn't. I like living." Harry said in protest.


"Why am I always eating?" Ron asked.

"Because you have a black hole for a stomach Ron."


"Just stating the facts, mate."


"What if she said 'You'd be better off in meatloaf'? Would you have said the same thing?" Ron asked.


"I find that you would."

"Shut it."


"I adore musicians." Cho said, glancing at both of her admirers. Harry made a mental note to learn to play guitar. Cedric made a mental note to buy all the guitars in Britain.


Those are all of my favorite moments in this chapter. Those last two made me laugh especially hard. Really, this chapter was pretty excellent. I liked the length, and it was really funny. It might have been my favorite so far. Can you remind me which characters are in this fic? I have a feeling some were missing or added or something like that.
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