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10/31/2010 c8 8TimeToWriteIsHistory
Harry chuckled.

"Mate?" Ron asked.

"Oh just thinking that you'd have to be insane not to be fearful when someone asks to attach themselves to your soul."


"I can't imagine why," said Malfoy and Harry in unison, causing them to turn to one another in abject horror.


Those two were the best parts of the chapter. It was a short one, which surprised me. And I'm sorry, but I don't have an answer to your Cho question.
10/31/2010 c8 6TheWitchOfTheSouth
yay! its halloween! the day that makes me realize in the books that harry has no idea what day his parents died or he wouldnt be celebreting! anyway good chapter, and Cho should bask in the attention :)
10/31/2010 c8 3Azusa-Angel

This is my favorite chapter so far. I can't wait until the 'you're such a spare' part in Yule Ball scene and Granger Danger!

I love the Cho, Cedric, and Harry thing you got going on.

*Bows head in memory*

~Please Update Soon!
10/31/2010 c7 2Hermowninny

(or maybe supermegafoxyawesomehot)
10/30/2010 c7 8bananapanda2010

i love you for doing this ;)

best avpm story yet *sagenod*
10/30/2010 c7 3Azusa-Angel
Hehe! This is so cute!

I'm also doing one like this, could you chect it out?

Anyway, this is great!

~Can't wait for the next chapter, Azusa Angel
10/30/2010 c7 13Ignorance-Your New Best Friend
Lol, Malfoy did that bit! :D
10/30/2010 c6 Ignorance-Your New Best Friend
Lol, I should be studying a bit harder for Latin but I'm reading this story, so... Oh well.

10/30/2010 c5 Ignorance-Your New Best Friend
Aw! Yay for you getting accepted! That's pretty awesome!

And this story still is too! :D
10/29/2010 c7 8TimeToWriteIsHistory
"I do have to agree with him there," voiced Harry "Any guy who spends a year with Lord Voldemort attached to their body deserves a bit more than a round of drinks."

"Harry, you need help." Ron said.

"I'll get you to a shrink when I'm freed." Sirius promised.


"We're going to outgrow it?"

"Harry's going to grow?"

"Why do pillows keep hitting me?"


Malfoy saw where this was going and snarled. No way would he ever be in love with that mudblood Granger!

"Wow Malfoy, I'm flattered." Hermione said smirking.

"I'm trying to insult you."

"It's not working."


I love all of those moments. I seriously think Ron might be my favorite character in this fic. His brand of humor is quite funny. I don't think there's enough of Remus, there was no Cho, Sirius is too in-the-clouds (he has to be grounded just a bit), and I think you're trying too hard to make Snape funny. Snape isn't necessarily supposed to be funny, but he can be funny when he's using his own biting wit and sarcasm. I'm really sorry I had to put all that criticism in this review. I want to make sure you know that I really do love this fic!
10/29/2010 c7 10VelvetRose529
yay we're worth it! XD

10/29/2010 c6 17Nerd.Is.A.Compliment

I love this story! It is hilarious. :D

Please update soon.

Lizzy (Luna-lovegood-fan)

P.S. Do u get the Shlongbottom joke? Cause I don't.
10/29/2010 c3 4xokittykat5xo
hi i love your story and A Very Poter Sequel/ Musical

just a quick correction now i may be wrong but i believe that when snape is giving an example of taking away points he says "because of Ms. Granger's excessive baby fat" but other than that this is an amazing story
10/29/2010 c6 8TimeToWriteIsHistory

"Shut it, Sirius."

"No, you really got that unison thing down pat."


"I think praying no one ever sees this video is your only line of defense." Sirius said. Remus was just coughing up the water he'd swallowed.


"How many times have we told you to shut it Malfoy?"

"Six hundred and one. I'm trying to see how long it takes before your head explodes"


I really love AVPM. And AVPS. It just always makes me laugh. I love your commentary toom, especially when it doesn't necessarily connect to the current moment in the video. It makes it more interesting and less monotonous.

Please! I'd LOVE another chapter tonight! And congratulations on the Latin grade! I'm taking Latin 2nd semester, and am so excited :)
10/29/2010 c5 MagicRoxSox
Your going to the rally to restore sanity? LUCKY! My dads like 'I don't like DC when it's crowded, you can watch it on TV.' and everyone in my classes was talking about it! Even my best friend told me to go because he couldn't for a church thing. Man. I really want to go!

Anyway, love this chapter. I just re-watched AVPM and it's still hilarious x) update soon!

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