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for A Very Weird Musical

5/11/2012 c12 Lucy Brooks
awesome story I was reading and watching the video at the same time, my mom of course thought I lost it when I kept laughing xD
4/27/2012 c12 13dracomalfoysbiggestfan
great story nice job adding in a bit from Anastasia
4/10/2012 c12 Maddie
PLEASE UPDATE! :D I'm loving this. I laughed so hard when AVPM Ron told AVPM Hermione to stop raining on everybody's parade, and Ron and Harry "coughed" all those times when she had screwed stuff up. I also liked when AVPM Dumbledore said there was a hidden swimming pool, and Sirius was like really? "No, Sirius." That was great. So, keep up the good work, and please update again!
3/20/2012 c12 91Akela Victoire
AHAHAHA! This was really fun to read! I hope you find the time to continue someday!
3/11/2012 c12 1Jasmine Indigo Sappihhra
Oh my goodness! I'm over here crying! Your reactions are just as hilarious as the original musical! Hope you get a chance to finish and do the sequel! ^_^
3/6/2012 c12 2FantasticM.1
Hope you make another chapter soon!

This chapter was also pretty good.
3/6/2012 c1 FantasticM.1
Loved this chapter!
1/23/2012 c12 4G. Novella
Please update this!
1/14/2012 c12 1xxfluffyxx123
I laughed a bit to hard but it was great :P
1/13/2012 c12 10madnessofsilence
Love love love this story, hope you update soon ^_^
12/30/2011 c12 1Invader Ivy
11/29/2011 c12 5Mirabilem Electo
Ah. Lovelystory. I loveit. :D I do hope youupdate soonthough.
11/25/2011 c12 NeverLetTheDreamsFall
dang...i went to go to the next chaper...and there is no next chapter. *pouts*

ANYWAY! just wanted to tell you that i absoulutly LOVE this story...ive read ones about charecter reading the boooks or watching the movies but never watching AVPM...and its AMAZING! awesome job!

PLEASE update more soon!

11/24/2011 c12 4WeasleyWizardWheezesRule
I love, love, love this song! Please UPDATE! Please!
11/5/2011 c12 7Sofie Clearwater
i sounded like a dieing cat i was laughing so hard. this was an amazing idea! please write more!
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