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1/19/2017 c1 Marienoela
Hi, I have been looking for this story for YEARS, I don’t know if it was taken down. Edward and Bella are neighbors (near the beach I think). Bella is a virgin and Edward is with Tanya. One day Tanya cheats and leaves Edward, he gets drunk and rapes Bella. Bella gets pregnant and forgives Edward ( Rosalie gets mad at Edward for raping Bella). I think Tanya cheated on Edward with Felix ( not sure of the name) and I don’t know how he gets back in the story, but he falls in love w/Bella also and at the end he marries an Isabelle with the nickname Belle. I hope u can help me!
11/8/2010 c1 Catarcy
It kind of sounds like Skateboarding with Edward Cullen by iluvtwilight13 , but that's just a guess. I haven't read it in a while so I'm not really sure. Hope it helps!

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