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for Harry Potter and the JKR: Just Kidding Really

11/11/2011 c2 2madeyemarauder
Only about 400 days to 12-12-12.

Have you come across anyone with a palindromic username? Like DORAROD or YVESEVY or SEVVES.
7/25/2011 c1 6Lens of Sanity
Lol; it's good to read stories from people who actually understand the characters :D

I was skimming through your profile and I gotta agree with you ... in fact, here's something you might not have thought of...


The most intelligent character in HP!Canon,as said so by JKR herself, is Albus Dumbledore...

She said something about how he always knows what's going on and can come up with deep, far ranging plans, and will always come out on top...


... lol ... which means all the plot holes exist because Dumbledore is exactly as intelligent as JKR ... Who must never EVER be allowed political power!

1/30/2011 c1 4nonconformist9041318
Oh come OFF it!
10/20/2010 c1 4SuperiorShortness
O.o... Nominating yourself for best story ever lolz? It was entertaining... Though I think your best bet to continue the story is to make everyone think Harry just had a bad bump, while in reality, Harry reality traveled!
10/11/2010 c1 JohnnyKR51
Nice one shot. May be you should write more of it... I like this idea.
10/10/2010 c1 11Nanchih
Sure, as AU's go (and ALL fanfic is AU) this isn't bad. Write the story YOU want to read. Enjoy doing it. Letting us read over your shoulder while you do so is very kind of you.
10/10/2010 c1 47Selonianth
Hermione would still exist unless something happened to prevent her existing. He kinda dreamed an alternate reality not a completely different one. So I don't see WHY she wouldn't exist.
10/10/2010 c1 ViperComet69
never seen anything like this before. Nice work, very entertaining.

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