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for Greater Than, Lesser Be

8/27 c5 9HarnGin
Excellent ending!
6/16 c5 hdres
Fabulous story. I enjoyed all the various changes and new ideas very much. I am so pleased both Harrys got a happy ending. Your story was really unusual and well written. Thank you for sharing your story
4/5 c5 wiebenor
I love this story, although I almost wish it could somehow be made into 10 chapters (or more) instead of 5, as 5 chapters doesn't seem like a lot of chapters in a "completed" story... I say "completed" because it's not truly complete until we find out what happens to Ginny and her mother in the end, so to end it right when the confrontation picks up where it left off, it feels like a cliffhanger...

This story is sooo good, for feeling so small... I have favorited it and downloaded it to add into my permanent offline Calibre library, and maybe my "play books" library, as I see fit, as it's THAT good...
4/2 c5 A
12/29/2022 c5 8LadyGrimR
OH yesssss "GInny I'm Home" 3 3
12/12/2022 c5 Guest
Would REALLLLLLLLLLLY love to know what Harry did and how he handled the Ginny/Molly/etc problem...and did he free Hermione from WonWon? Ohhhh I hope so!
12/12/2022 c4 Guest
The actual title to this story should be "How To Be Selfish Gits And Not Help Your Supposed Friends While You Sit In The Lap Of Luxury".
12/11/2022 c2 Guest
It speaks greatly of the base cruelty in both OldHarry and Remus that they don't mind a bit leaving LittleHarry and Sirius in various states of physical and emotional torture...FOR YEARS.
12/11/2022 c5 Guest
Amazing story
11/20/2022 c5 lunaz
A highly enjoyable read. Loved the ending.
11/22/2022 c5 denniise
Good story but I miss two things: how are they preventing the mass dosing and what about all the binds and stuff? And second what was the goal?
10/18/2022 c5 21Duchess67
Wait, who was future Harry's mysterious employer and how did they find out all that info? I thought maybe he would have gone back and maybe ended up doing that for himself.

I DO like how he got back at Ginny, though and she didn't get away with the crap she'd pulled! I'm assuming everyone else was next?

How did they find out how many lives Harry had lived? *curious*
10/17/2022 c5 XanthsMione
Okay, I know it's been 11 years, but holy crud, this is awesome! I'm usually a tried and true Hermione-centric fanfic reader, but I'm so glad I took a chance on this! This is amazing, and I am so glad that you melded the muggle and wizarding tech together.

Well done, can't wait to read other stuff of yours!
9/30/2022 c5 dilis
Absolut spitze. Tolle Geschichte.
6/13/2022 c5 Bambina-belle
Wow! What a story! Loved it.
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