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12/27/2010 c10 20General Maraxus
A dog is a ninja? Okay I did not see that coming. Raven is a powerful sorceror... awsome and she was going to accept! Cannot wait for the next chapter
12/25/2010 c9 5patattack
Good chapter! Interesting that Slade has fire powers again. Wonder where this will all go.
12/25/2010 c9 20General Maraxus
Front row seats at Wrestlemania? Wouldnt mind that at all. Oh Terra is going to get a whooping, good thing she is wanted alive. Raven meets Talsein and the titans are getting beat by a guy covered in scars. Intriguing. Ismau and Hikari are having very impressive fights and I cant wait to find out the results of all of the above
12/17/2010 c8 5patattack
Wicked! The chapter was nice, and the after chapter was... interesting, to say the least. I await the next one with impatience.
12/17/2010 c8 20General Maraxus
Talk about suspense and then some, a combined hollow, Slade is going to get back at Terra and the titans are outnumbered and outmatched. Slight criticism is the way you started the first three sentences all started with "The titans" could have used different ways.

I really enjoyed the brother/sister interaction while the "bad guys" are watching it it was hilarious
11/26/2010 c7 5patattack
Nice chapter. I think Hikari's a bit immature, but still...

Slade really is a creepy bad guy, and he is tough and cool and all that stuff.

Anyway, keep it up and have fun it life.

11/10/2010 c6 patattack
Good job with the chapter. The part with Slade and Talsein was creepy, but cool. And the explanation of of Talsein defeated Trigon was interesting.

Good luck with your classes!
11/5/2010 c5 patattack
Nice chapter. Short, but still interesting, especially that Hikari would be so good with interrogation. Sucks to have your computer crash and burn, and so does being sick.

Like two nights ago, I went to bed with headache of doom, woke up at 3:18, the headache was still there, plus I spent almost half an hour kneeling over the toilet until I barfed. But it didn't last that long, at least.

And for the Korean, I don't know a word of it, so I'd just assume you got it right. In my fic I use some translator off of google to translate latin to english and vice-versa. Speaking of which, I'm almost done with the chapter revolving around season 3 episode 3.

Anyway, all that set aside, good chapter and looking forward to what comes next!

Peace out!
10/26/2010 c4 patattack
Good chapter! The fight scene was well done. And even though Isamu is a good guy and all that stuff, I think it's good that he's uninvincible like the rest (not sure if I said that right). Anyways, keep it up!
10/19/2010 c3 patattack
good! The end of the scene with Raven and Isamu in the garage was too funny! The rest of Cyborg's driving class was funny as well. Oh, and the part at the very end was nice!

Just a suggestion, but you could have Raven get a more specific premonition that Isamu's going to die soon, then she brings him to her room, they makeout (or whatever), and because Raven wants to have something to remember him (not sure if that's how I really wanted to say it), they basically take the next step (insert whatever dirty minded thoughts here), you know what I mean. And as a result, she get's pregnant (I still think it should be with twins, just don't know why).

Anyway, till next.
10/14/2010 c2 patattack
It's good that's Hikari's been set straight, to put it that way. The driving lesson classroom stuff was funny, as well as Isamu and Raven walking through the mall. Slade may be a bad guy, the part with him at the end was still cool. Keep it up!
10/12/2010 c1 patattack
Nice! Like the Raven Isamu interaction. And Valentine day coming up? Sounds fun!
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