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4/27 c23 SianJohn
Just finished another reread of this fab story. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and leaving it here for us to enjoy time and time again.
3/23 c23 Guest
I love it. Just finished another reread. Your story is refreshing and original. Thanks for keeping it out here for us, many years later.
1/29 c1 Renee Aubin
I just finished reading BRONZE, and my head is still spinning. I've been reading Twific for (too many) years, and have known OF this story forever, but I finally picked it up from my TBR list.

I am so impressed! There are not many stories that have such a unique and smart premise, that is so meticulously thought through and executed. AND is a ripping good tale. AND has a wonderful Edward and a fascinating Bella (never thought I'd put those two words together).

My absolute favorite aspect was Bella's discipline of relentless, right-here-right-now mindfulness, as a way (it turns out) of avoiding triggering her power. It was wonderful to see how that looked in a variety of moments, and how Edward learned from it, albeit reluctantly.

Mothlights is also one of those writers who can put together a sentence that is so evocative and/or beautiful that it just makes you stop and catch your breath.

Bravo! Don't miss this one.
7/20/2022 c23 atouchofcitron
truly impeccable writing. i loved the shifting perspectives, bella's incredible backstory and ability, and the story in itself was gripping. thank you so much for this.
6/3/2022 c19 15winterhorses
I’m so sad that the story’s almost over! :{
6/3/2022 c13 winterhorses
Reading again for the ?th time. I love this fic so hard. Bella is my hero.
12/30/2021 c23 SianJohn
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us.
12/11/2021 c23 KDMCAM
This was such a great story!
10/23/2021 c7 3jaanavihairani
Edward throughout this book: Umm, Mommy. Sorry, mommy! Sorry, mommy? Sorry, Mommy.
9/25/2021 c23 TheFenrisWulf
What magnificent writing and a hidden gem, i loved this story, thank you so much
8/26/2021 c23 15winterhorses
Le sigh. I love these two so much. I also love how you carried the object of the title through the story and brought the theme full circle at the end. Excellently done in every way.
8/26/2021 c22 winterhorses
Give her time, Edward. She’ll get there!
8/26/2021 c21 winterhorses
I love that Bella’s so bad-a$$!
8/26/2021 c20 winterhorses
Be patient Edward. She’ll take care of you.
8/25/2021 c18 winterhorses
This chapter is simply wonderful. All the feels and ends with a smile.
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