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for Absolute Control

12/14/2020 c1 1fluffy-fanfic-lover
is this dead?
7/20/2018 c1 1gabelou1991
J'aime bien.
11/27/2016 c1 21Spidey2
HOTT! Keep going! Next should be Karin; followed by Karui, and Tayuya.
2/3/2014 c1 Guest
You are a theft some one all ready wrote this
11/17/2013 c1 3CD DC
Damn this is a hot start please write more
7/24/2013 c1 510000 Fists
Huh... interesting concept, now let's see where you put it- I MEAN what you do with it.
6/29/2013 c1 lizzie
its soo good! You have to continue:) it would be such a shame if you stopped it! in the end could you make it a sasunaru? I just think it would make a nice twist if you make naruto try to control sssike but he cant and sasuke ends up controlling naruto :) anyway please do continue!
6/28/2013 c1 Deathcmmy
Please update. Have slaves
3/4/2013 c1 Banjo
1/2/2013 c1 phelen.ward
good story start as always by PROMPT MASTER maybe u should have him as the story goes on make use bdsm on those like sakura that have hurt or wronged him in some way while those like Ino who only ignored him and did nothing good or bad have him deny them there reales till they r begging for it, and have him "reward" those like hinata that r kind to him with a child and a LARGE breast size
9/18/2012 c1 Takai153
I like the 'The Gift of Another Life' better, but this is a great start for a purely sex based fic. I wish these two should be your main focus (or at least one of them). Well first he has to screw Sakura, I like Kyuubi's idea of putting her in a bunny suit. Then, why doesn't he go after either Ami, the school bully, or some mean teacher for revenge. I'd like to see anal sex and shadow clones used through out personally.
8/15/2012 c1 demon
lively the continuation supert history
7/28/2012 c1 Inconspicuous-Wizard
Oooh, Naruto has a dark part of his mind! :) I like it! :D
Please Update! :3
3/24/2012 c1 shizuma12
Nice Chapter

Continue please
3/7/2012 c1 J-U
Will you please update this story soon.
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