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1/2 c105 KuroHinata
I noticed that a lot scenes are like the movie POV. A scene that took 1 or more chapters because you wrote almost every characters POV and opinions about the current situation and I have to read a longer time to find out what happened next because we have to know every characters discussion in their head about what is going on. Still nice story so far but feels like the story is dragging due to showing different POV.
1/2 c98 KuroHinata
arggghhh... the common overused words in HO world misspelled and stumbling on unknown words that makes confuse the heck out of me. I almost reach my limit before screaming my frustration and waking up the house. pant... pant... pant... but still continue reading the story which I like a lot...

serious question: there is no dictionary or auto correct or misspelling indicator when writers wrote their stories (before any beta is needed)? I always type think fast and my fingers slow that I always have errors but I can still see those words/grammars that need to be corrected so as an unexperieced user of ff it doesn't have a spelling/grammar checker?

still thanks for sharing this xover and I'm being reminded and compelled to rewatch Buffy.
1/2 c85 KuroHinata
chapter 85 is exactly ch84?
1/2 c75 KuroHinata
i really don't think Harry is a prat. people are just projecting their issues to the owl. Harry is only thinking not of blood ideology but protecting her from possible attack from the enemy and not from the eagle. smh
and Hermione you run away from him and you expect him to invite you? wt heck. awkward moment and anyone would not want to be a prick to invite someone they are angry at.
everyone have their pov so Harry is lookin at another angle not related to issues that others are thinking so instead of running away as an intelligent girl Hermione should use words to explain her problem to the uninformed.
1/2 c74 KuroHinata
in this it is not Harry being clueless but doesn't have other issues linking to birds mating prospects. it is one issue only not the multiple web of issues another person is thinking about.
1/2 c72 KuroHinata
who is Freir? a priest?
1/2 c71 KuroHinata
prioritize self before others in saving them. sometimes it will feel worthless that you destroy yourself to shield someone instead of tackling either the attacker or the immobile weak 'strong abled' body.
as Midoriya's mom said to All Might- live for Midoriya; not die protecting him...
excuse for going tangent. just had these thoughts.
1/1 c54 KuroHinata
destroying themselves to protect themselves. how sad
1/1 c55 KuroHinata
percy is oblivious in canon that everyone knows the higher ups was insulting him for not remembering his name. a pureblood of no importance that his name was not acknowledge. him not protesting accept it and said a lot of being ashamed of his family. sad for him.
1/1 c50 KuroHinata
severus snape you are delusional if not all of your students wil not tell anyone like your son how despicable you are. snape is really blind to his faults. he can dealt his vitriol to minors but against anyone saying the truth about his behaviors.

trail is a path/route.
trial is the courtlaw sessions right?

galloons is volume
galleons are the gold coins?
1/1 c52 KuroHinata
what is verbatsum? lol
12/30/2019 c11 KuroHinata
great chap
I'm starting to get annoyed about the wrong spellings and some punctuations that might be the reason I have to reread the guess which sounds better (in context).
and how dare you misspellthhe White Air Queen Hedwig!
12/5/2019 c86 kd5mtj
Jumps From Part 85 TO Part 87. Chapters 85 to 86 i know the stories old, but i'd like to know what i missed in th parts
10/11/2019 c116 clairef52
please continue this... fantastic story and really engaging
10/11/2019 c128 clairef52
please continue this...amazing story
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