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for The Seldom Seen Kid

12/14/2020 c1 Kensei Uzumaki
For the reviews the first chapter is good
10/24/2020 c19 nessiesmith2012
Love the story. Though as much as you change how they get to the canon parts. Keeping all the canon highlights is boring. Ive watched the show. A smart strong naruto should not have the same outcome of the canon stupid weak naruto.

Why does this seems like its going to be a cliche naruto x hinata
10/21/2020 c8 btserendipity
I actually started crying when I read about Cat. Damn. That hurt me in my feels
9/29/2020 c1 Bitter Sweet Lovin
Okay I'm stopping at chapter 31 because I'm getting bored. Its following the Naruto storyline to much that its not that entertaining to read im sorry! But I REALLY enjoyed the beginning. Young naruto is so cute and I like that he's being taken care of. I also find it really sweet that you let your sister read your fanfic and she likes it! It makes me sad how many people naruto was close to died. I actually was reading this drunk yesterday and I was going to review how mad I was at you for killing cat and then having the audacity to write in your authors note how you miss writing cats characters LMAOOO
9/29/2020 c31 Guest
I am so horny want to fuck me?
9/27/2020 c37 spiritwolf35
I love the story which is why I am reading it again after not reading fanfiction for a long long while but I am confused here on chapter 37 Naruto told Juugo he will be thirteen in three weeks but couple chapter back when he met Jiraiya he told him he will be turning 12 years old after the chuunin exams
9/21/2020 c54 TigrezzTail
So if Sasuke manifested the Mangekyo, then he had to have some kind of bond with Naruto, otherwise his death wouldn't have meant anything. Well, will losing an eye have done any good or will Orochimaru be able to replace it?
9/21/2020 c53 TigrezzTail
Wild. So will Tusande be able to learn about the laws inhibiting Naruto and be able to do something about those three parasite, I mean elders?
9/19/2020 c24 Narukami97
I can’t force myself to read this anymore
9/18/2020 c54 Seriously
Naruto is meant to be the stronger one, Kurama's power should have greatly enhanced his already astounding prowess, so why the FUCK is he such a failure!? Throughout this entire novel it has been stated that Naruto is better than Sasuke, stronger than Sasuke, and he's still fucking loses, WTF! If this trend continues he won't be a genius that (almost) everyone knows he is(though he won't admit it), but he will instead be a massive failure :(
9/15/2020 c30 WTF
WTF! This novel's Naruto is meant to be a lot more skilled that his anime counterpart yet he still got the ever living shit beat out of him, this is pathetic, she should have been able to at least stall him for a few more minutes and not have become the sorry excuse he showed himself to be. Orochimaru may be a sannin but Naruto could have at least done better than this shit, this is just disappointing :(
9/11/2020 c54 2lostxinxthexdarkness
Very interesting story so far, although there were a few typos and misused words in this chapter, I'm thoroughly looking forward to reading what's going to happen next.
9/1/2020 c1 EtheriousLogia
holy shit this is so cute
8/26/2020 c1 1CagedHeart7
The coughing ANBU! That was so funny! Now with Hokage and Konoha the ANBU are protecting kids' virtues LOL ;)
8/26/2020 c6 IPoisioNI
I am right now around the Wave Arc. At the beginning of the story I was very much interested since you created a whole family for Naruto and even made me feel sad when Cat died. But when I see what youre doing to the Story makes me sad. At first you Portrait Naruto as the smart but awkward child that is strong enough to graduate early which you forced him not too. Then you force certain events that need to happen for whatever reason. Like in the Wave Arc, Naruto has already mastered the tree walking but you made him do it anyway, Why? And even though you make Sasuke out to be a dick like he is you also try to redeem him so very hard that it feels wrong. And lastly how come Naruto switches from smart to absolutly dumb in a matter of seconds? All these things makes it very hard to accept the story as it is. And I am even thinking of dropping it. Felt like a promising story that turned into a nose dive.
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