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4/29 c71 Joy
This is a great story with twist to keep you thinking. The characters ring true and develop with the story so you see their growth and are invested in their future. Please update soon.
4/27 c71 1kittyranma
Better and better. I look forward to the next part. Keep up the excellent work.
4/26 c71 183Virodeil
Ooh. Blue moon! :) Eh, shouldn't the potion for combatting the dragonell be brewed at this time, then, to increase its potancy?
In any case, I'm glad I can read the update now, and thank you so much for it, and of course I look forward for more, especially how you'd define astronomy. :) It's already so interesitng with the water-sensing - I might just use it! It's not a new concept, but it's displayed well here. :)
4/26 c71 Drayukken
I love your story since I found it a few days ago and I liked it so much that I have not stopped reading it until it reaches the end and now I am anxious for a new chapter I hope you can update soon <3. Sorry if I don't understand much because I'm using a translator but I really wanted to support your fic as much as I liked it
4/22 c71 1ferns25100
I just love your story, and even more, your imagination. Your ideas are fantastic. I love creative minds! This story is brilliant and in no way does it make me tired of reading it like some other long fanfics. The twists and turns are really very good. Keep up the good work!
4/11 c71 2adafrog
Very cool. Thanks.
4/5 c45 2Louise Deacury
Sev, that was amazing
4/5 c28 Louise Deacury
Don’t worry Harry daddy sev, will save you.
4/5 c22 Louise Deacury
I truly love this book that I you for this.
I love that sev, is a good dad, to Harry.
3/22 c70 6Oleonetta
Dawwwwwww, I love Kittens! My four are no longer tiny kittens, but they are still my fur babies. XD
3/21 c67 Oleonetta
I am still waiting for Harry to mention that the Codex book told him that he was the one the book was waiting for and that Harry is the one to own the book. Or for the book to do something in a way of demanding that it is given to Harry. In this chapter, i'm surprised Harry didn't just go and talk to it.

Craven need more then in house suspension - he needs a paddle to his back side and a some major lessons in FACTS. I am surprised he wasn't suspended after all the stuff he has done. His mother sound like she needs a few hits in the head too! Its sad when parents create the issues with ignorance, hatred, revenge, scorn, or just lain stupidity.

Lena sound like she could make a great mother, and i bet she will make a good mum in law for Harry and Dante. She seems to have more compassion than Severus - a bit softer and warmer hearted - but I can tell that she is still a firm cookie.

I winced when Severus said they can just replicate it. I think they need real ones, not copies... surly the replicated ones would be less effective, and basically fakes. I mean, replicated kind of implies that they are not the original - not the real ones. I'm sure there was a law in magic that stated that things couldn't just be pulled out of thin air, that anything conjured etc had to come from somewhere. I remember something about food too, that increasing food (say one pie that feeds 2, into a pie that feeds 6) decreases it's nutritional value... if you increase it to much, you might as well be eating card.

I have noticed that a lot of fanfictions take liberties with magic and ignore the fundamental principles and foundations of the way magic can be used. Some fanfictions write things like - oh just take a potion and your eye are all healed. I like that you had bad eye sight treatable with magic. I also like that you have limitations on your original spells or potions.

And damn, in all that time they only made 50? Just another, what... 800 ish to go LOL

OH, NO! Poor Hagrid!
3/20 c51 Oleonetta
The way you wrote that chapter - the scene of them rushing to the car and Dante flying it - made it seem as if Harry and Ron had no choice. I don't think that was your intention.
Dante forced Ron from the drivers seat, and against protests, flew the car. Harry and Ron had no choice, as they were basically kidnapped by Dante.
The punishments kinda seemed fair to me overall, but I don't thing Severus getting THAT mad was realistic... I could be wrong, but to almost blow up a cauldron because they stole a car? he needs anger management lol. I also think that Dante should have gotten worse punishment for 'stealing' or 'forcing' the boys along with him when they said no - like i said, he really gave them no choice - unless they wanted to jump out of a moving car and into the grabbing hands of reporters (they were trapped).

lastly, I think Dante should have been sorted immediately. I don't care for special treatment like that. There are many students... like Hermione, that are dragged into the wizarding world and sorted. They do not get time to adjust. Harry didn't get time to adjust either. Dante needs to be treated like everyone else, and Severus needs to stop Dante's attitude and rude 'i'm special' demands before they get worse.
3/20 c48 Oleonetta
I really like this story, and I was trying to be open about Dante... but I am not sure if he has grown on me yet.
I am not sure what i feel about you making Dante 'powerful', and the whole stuff with the wand made me feel like he was more powerful than Harry - not sure I like Harry being put second. I do like Harry being powerful though lol.
Severus seems to have just forgotten about Dante; Sev was on Harry arse from day one, but Dante is just left to his own devices. Dante even got away with being rude. I feel like Severus needs to communicate with him more, and be more aware of what Dante is doing.

I'm guessing you created your own version of America, because they have Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the Americans call muggles, No-Majes. They most certainly had wands, and the secrecy law regarding muggles too. I don't mind your versions of things at all, i just don't think i like Dante at the moment.

Maybe i just like Harry to be center of attention, or too be the powerful one. Or maybe i dont like Dante 'stealing the show' LOL. But i DO LOVE this story. Skullduggery of my favorite charcter btw XD and I love Lena too. xxx
3/17 c15 Oleonetta
I find it strange that Draco would seek Severus' private room to study in. Harry is Severus' ward, and Hermione and Ron are his friends. What excuse does Draco have? I also wanted to slap Severus for his idiocy; He knows that Draco is horrible to Harry, and yet he decided to put them together? Not to mention, that as Severus's ward, Harry should be able to feel safe in Severus's private rooms - especially when he goes there for respite.

Well Severus, giving students (Neville in this case) extra help in potions IS YOUR BLOODY JOB TOO!

I am glad that Sev is now helping Nev out. YAY!
This was a good chapter, I do like it when Nev gets help. He was a sweety, especially in those early Hogwarts years. xxx
3/16 c4 Oleonetta
Oh btw, I love Skullduggery!
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