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5/16 c71 12excessivelyperky
Too bad they can't take Lady Amber's portrait somewhere and have her talk nice with the dragonelle. Maybe she can teach her gift to one of the others?

Ravencrest is brilliant-wonderful descriptions all the way through.
5/4 c73 Kate
Thank you very much. I'm still waiting for the next chaphter.
4/30 c70 excessivelyperky
Yes, Harry was far better off confessing all his little sins before Snape found out anyway.

And Harry seems to have a potioner's instinct, too, with his little change to the dragonbreath potion. Still, he should ask to experiment first...
4/20 c69 excessivelyperky
Oh, Harry might as well confess to what he did, Snape will find out anyway. Besides, he's so busted now as it is.
4/16 c68 excessivelyperky
I wonder if a magical person made "Zoolander' in memory of Lockhart?

Good chapter, and nice evil cliffie at the end.
4/2 c67 excessivelyperky
I guess nobody is ever going to call Dumbledore on his many generations of assuring Gryffindors that they are glorious and always right and that it's ok to nearly murder Slytherins...ah well, at least he's upset at this particular pair, and that's all you can really ask (besides, he was always ok with students doing horrible things to Snape in canon).

But I see that Snape has worked with him a lot to get Albus over that little problem, and I'm happy to see it.

Good work with the pendants.

Oh, no, not Hagrid!
3/27 c66 excessivelyperky
But Snape can't teach Defense and Potions at the same time. Besides, how can anyone tell the difference between Lockhart with a Babbling Beverage and one without?

Glad that both Miss Cummings were rescued, though. Snape is that kind of person.

Here's hoping Dumbledore doesn't let the bullies off too easily.
3/20 c64 excessivelyperky
That was a good fight, but Snape is right-that victory is only temporary.
3/15 c63 excessivelyperky
Good chapter. Someone, like an adult, needs to sit down with Craven (so aptly named) and find out what his major malfunction is (I suspect it's suppressed jealousy, myself). Someone who is such a dweezil that he miffs off *Percy* Weasley is clearly in need of help before he ends up duct-taped to one of the Quaffle targets.

As for Lockhart, what a pity he didn't last long enough to aim a Global Memory Charm on Voldiesnort. Just a thought, what if one of his memory spells accidentally hits Scabbers? That could be fun for the whole family (like I need another plot bunny!).

Yes, Miss Cummings should be allowed to do a little part-time apprenticing with Madam Pomfrey-the girl's a natural.

Neat training exercise! And yes, Snape is good and limbered up for anything Hagrid and Kettleburn need help with.
3/9 c62 excessivelyperky
I'm just glad Hagrid doesn't think the dragonelle is sadly misunderstood. And happy that Creevy didn't die.

Craven's just lucky that Ginny wasn't around-there would be *four* angry Weasleys, and Ginny's really bad at holding in her temper.

And a few tears is not the worst thing that's gotten on Snape's robes. Seriously.
3/3 c61 excessivelyperky
Wow, a good thing Miss Cummings acted so quickly, that Harry and Dante summoned Snape so fast, and that Snape had some good ideas about how to heal the wounds.

Some kiss from Lena there!

And I hope that Albus doesn't keep the presence of the dragonelle secret for some Stupid Arse Reason. Let people know, organize a hunting party, and whack the dragonelle (Hagrid should be helpful with that).

But alas I suspect things will not be so simple.
2/27 c60 excessivelyperky
Mmm...I would have started with stuffed mushrooms and then gone on to a baked potato (with a ton of butter) and medallions of Steak Diane. You can have the asparagus, it's always too tough by the next morning.

And the chocolate truffle pie? Yum, YUM, as they used to say on Hee-Haw. Although I think pretty favorably of creme brulee myself.

Oh, and "Bella Notte" is now stuck in *my* head.

Although the running and the screaming interrupted it very nicely!
2/21 c59 excessivelyperky
The only problem with giving Gildylocks a Babbling Beverage is that nobody will notice the difference.

Of course, it would be much too smart of Lockhart to number his notecards.

I liked seeing Harry helping Daphne, though.

And to be honest, Draco turned out to be a pretty good Seeker. I don't think much of Minerva risking Harry's life the way she did by letting him be one at 11.
2/14 c73 Guest
When's the update coming up? Any guesses?
2/12 c58 excessivelyperky
Yay, Skull is back! Yes, he's mouthy, but Severus really missed him. I just bet he'll be glad to tell Snape what the boys are up to (which of course Harry and Dante can't talk to their dad about, sigh).
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