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2/15/2023 c42 guest
Kudos for mentioning that of all Hogwarts denizens, Irma Pince and especially Poppy Pomfrey knew Snape best and valued him most. IP would notice and appreciate a fellow bookworm; PP saw both his home life and all his subsequent history written on his person (body and soul).

Must admit I'm tiring of the raven's relentless mockery. Such does not help someone like Snape but only worsens his depression. (Inciting anger is an ephemeral "solution" that greatly exacerbates the problem via the rebound into a deeper hole.)

Glad the adoption went through without a hitch.
2/15/2023 c41 guest
Best possible way to push the event. Let's hear it for HP!
2/15/2023 c40 guest
Of course HP would love for SS to adopt him, and - of course - SS can't believe it. No number of repetitions will convince him otherwise. We can only hope that he'll be able to force himself to do it anyway and come, after a long while, to partial belief.

Good luck to them both. The haters will still plague them afterwards, so they'll need some against those, of which McKinnon was only the first and worst. May they have it.
2/15/2023 c34 guest
"...was no more"? I'm wondering about the Horcrux situation. There must be at least one or TMR would have been truly dead before all this started. Have to wonder too what's going to take up all the remaining chapters, and the fic not even finished. Hope it's not abandoned.

Thanks for posting.
2/15/2023 c31 guest
At the Raven Society of all places, should not Skullduggery be named as among the Society's guests?

I rather think that McK's death was too swift, but that's just me. Glad that that threat is gone, though the revenant remains. Since it's now out of control and isn't a Gryffindor, maybe Dumbles will get off his duff and do something.
2/14/2023 c29 guest
Not that it matters now, but I'd prefer no killing (though more broken bones wouldn't come amiss, and perhaps some gut twisting in memory of Pippin) since SS needs to be free to raise HP: take her to be Kissed. If yours is the canon mutt, he'd eventually be cleared and would probably get her out if she were still fully alive.
2/14/2023 c25 guest
She's a fit mate for the mutt, who failed in his attempt to murder Snape. May they have joy of each other - in HP's absence.
2/14/2023 c21 guest
Well, The Jungle Book. Not only Bagheera "had a voice as soft as wild honey dripping from a tree..." And as you say, Snape could also do Kaa well.

HP put himself in mortal danger. He'll get (and deserve) a spanking for that and additional, inventive punishments for not telling SS about the egg. SS is probably authorized to spank DM so will. Not so the others, but I'm sure he can be just as inventive for Ron, Nev, and HG - and probably tell their parents and (for Nev) Augusta as well.
2/14/2023 c20 guest
I hope you don't kill Irma just so Lena can stay at Hogwarts. I don't like her that well upon greater acquaintance, and Irma deserves much better than to be snuffed out for such a reason.

This latest nasty development came out of left field. If it's not QQ (by command of TMR) it's an extraneous complication, and far too many words have already been expended on various things that (at least appear to) have nothing to do with the plot.

You remain a very skillful writer, and I'm grateful for that and for your generosity in posting; but I so hope we can have some progress, and soon!
2/14/2023 c18 guest
So now that HP is SS's ward it's fine to give him special privileges - game postponed instead of going on with the second-string Seeker. Not good that Snape, who was so badly shafted in favor of Dumbles's pets the Marotters, now visits a similar fate on all non-Gryffindors (including his own Snakes!) in HP's favor.
2/13/2023 c13 guest
Still very well written and engaging. Skull is an outstanding character whose survival I celebrate. Sorry I can't do more detailed reviews. Thanks so much for posting.
2/12/2023 c8 guest
QQ for the spirits, Draco for the watch (hope HP gets it back undamaged). Rather surprising that the House locker rooms are not password-protected like the Common Rooms, and that the lockers don't lock (specious explanation or no).

Kudos for HP's rejecting the overly familiar address of SS by his given name. That monumental disrespect of adults by kids as young as five or six is ubiquitous in fanfics.
Worse yet, almost all fanfic adults are depicted as inviting it!

I take it the Goblins gave the dragon a treat. Wish they didn't have it imprisoned there, but not sorry for the robbers.

"Do not meddle..."
2/12/2023 c6 guest
Sorry, I can't laud bullying, even of the little wart. He was punished properly by faculty, unlike the Marotters (name from Alethea27). The Twins, in canon and here, are habitual bullies only less bad than the Marotters in that here the Twins don't intend GBH or murder. (They arguably did in canon: they stuffed Montague - also a wart, but still - into the Vanishing Cabinet not knowing where he would go. Shades of the mutt and the Shack!) Furthermore and worse, DM will - like Snape - take out his rage on the wrong party.

Lena's description positively screams, "Snape prospect!" Good luck to them both. She shows every sign of being his equal, a good match for him.
2/11/2023 c4 guest
Good for Flint! Aaaand, perhaps Narcissa's correction will have more effect on the little wart than Flint's or Snape's. Your Draco's well shown as perfectly canonical.

Also great to see HG's doing something productive for the Library. If enough of the richer kids kick in well, the work should get going soon. I'm wondering if HP will think of spreading his gift a bit over time and all the House boxes to make it look less obviously his. I suppose the actual size will depend on whether he has access to more than a school-expenses-size vault. He's the type to cover much of the cost if he has it to spare, though SS may advise some caution for secrecy's sake.

Snape's life is so complicated because of nasty writers (and readers) who feel the need for suspense, and of course his own self-doubt. Do give him surcease and contentment ... but not just yet.
2/11/2023 c3 guest
Have read the story of Skull's choosing. He's a real hoot, too!

I may not review much more, too tired, but am enjoying the fic very much. Your writing is among the best on the site and is much appreciated just for its level. Thanks also for your ingenious plots. There's always something fresh in them.
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