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8/31/2015 c5 D'a. A
3/11/2011 c5 1hermonine
Great story. You really captured House's personality. Keep up the great work and update soon!
3/10/2011 c5 1alicelouise58
I did like this final installment of "House". This could have been an episode!

I have one minor, wee, quibble. House was a little OOC. He would probably be more fascinated with Mallory's disorder than with Mallory.

I've always liked the fact that house and his team used procedure AND intuition to solve their medical mysteries.
3/8/2011 c5 1kishe
keep it up
3/7/2011 c5 217VisualIDentificationZeta
good chapter
3/7/2011 c5 Kermitty
I like her more every chapter!


3/7/2011 c5 2BluePhoenix21
Yeah, slow down, man, and court the lady!

VERY nice story, I really enjoyed it. Especially fun was that I could hear House saying this dialogue and my mind could even supply his facial expressions based on your clear writing.

"Wow. So that's what it takes to hear some language from you."

HARHARHAR I can picture House's comedic delivery of that line.

"...would you have swabbed my hand with alcohol?"

"Yup." He said it with no hesitation.

I WOULDA POUNDED HIS ARM FOR THAT ONE! I bet he rips bandaids off Wilson's hairy arms just so he can hear the scream.

You brought this story to a nice closure, solving the mystery illness and setting up the characters to see each other again. Who knows what the future will bring?

Great work, fun story!
3/7/2011 c5 2melsshortformelody
I liked this chap :)

I was just wondering if you could last less for the next update

2/12/2011 c4 dulcemaria413
Great chapter. I like the slow tension that is building between them.
2/11/2011 c4 melsshortformelody
It´s great! Thx for the story!

Keep writing!

2/11/2011 c4 34Brighid45
Nice furthering of the story, with the amusing (and typical) conversation with Wilson, and seeing Mallory from House's pov. I'm jealous of her for getting to ride House's bike (and no, that is not a euphemism). I enjoyed this chapter, with only one complaint: it wasn't long enough! (They never are, ever. LOL) More please, when time and the muse allow :)
2/11/2011 c4 2BluePhoenix21
Wilson is the perfect friend in this chapter. Not only is he a foil for House to naturally open up to, but Wilson points out things the audience should realize. In a way, it puts the audience IN the scene; a voice of reason who gets to display his own unique personality too! You gotta be interesting in your own right to keep up with (and put up with) House! ...and every single one of us would like that opportunity... ;)

"'the two best reasons for being a teacher are July and August'" HARHARHAR!

It was cute when her arms around his waist gave him a faster pulse. If this were on TV, we would see House's face change with each of his thoughts (Hugh Laurie is an excellent actor) so you not only showed us what he was thinking, but this would be perfect and already well written if it was turned into a script. Well done.
2/11/2011 c3 BluePhoenix21
I disagree with the anonymous reviewer... House is very much in character, he's just a tiny bit hyper; if you had a full hour of TV time and as many pages to fill as a script, I would still expect to see him quipping and dancing and displaying his unique personality, we would just be seeing all his assistants coming and going so it would seem a slower pace of House-in-the-spotlight. He's spot-on perfect and I'm having a blast!
2/11/2011 c4 1alicelouise58
I always look forward to your installments of House.

House may be more into Mallory's disorder than Mallory. He's usually such a crabby pants.
2/11/2011 c4 217VisualIDentificationZeta
nice to see an update.

a couple of things on the bikes: even though it's obvious these points are plot-needed I'd like to point them out:

- on a sportsbike if the passenger doesn't hold on to the rider while riding, and instead sit straight up, they make the bike unstable. The best way to NOT notice there are two people on the bike concerning how it handles is when the passenger is flush against the driver's back. Otherwise you definitely feel there is someone else on the bike. Also, if she's straightened up too much there's a big danger she'll be thrown off the bike by either the acceleration (cage driver's can't imagine how quickly a sportsbike can accelerate) or by the wind resistance (if she's flush against the driver then she's sheltered against he wind).

- In corners the passenger should keep her ass in one spot (not move it around, unlike the driver who must move his whole body around) while moving only her upper body to follow the driver's movements.

- holding onto the driver when braking: the LAST thing the passenger should do! When braking the driver has to hold his own body away from the handle-bars as it is and under heavy braking, due to G forces, his body can weigh two or three times as much as normally. That is why you do not add the passenger's load/weight on top of that for the driver to support. INSTEAD, the passenger has to hold her body in the same spot by herself, by putting her palms against the bulge of the gas tank and using that as a support to keep her body away from the driver's and in one spot.
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