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for The Cullens Read Twilight

8/2/2019 c3 Guest
puh-lease complete it!
6/1/2016 c3 1dreamsandfaiths
please continue this story! please!
2/3/2014 c1 harrypotterisawesome22
we're getting a package squealed Alice. I groaned and tried to block her out. There are the ones that need to be changed
12/22/2013 c3 7Spottedmask12
Please update soon!
12/4/2013 c3 Suzanne333
Update please!
9/15/2013 c2 kk
"You must be thristy," said Carsille. "

Defiantly thirsty." Said Carsille.

is it just me or does this sound really dirty
9/6/2013 c3 LoopyAH
Just found, read all the chapters! Hope you continue the story at some point!
5/1/2013 c3 kurtisha charler
sighhhhhhhhhhhh i was realy looking foward to reading it
5/1/2013 c2 kurtisha charler
this chapter was very funny emmit is soooooo imature nice writing
10/11/2012 c3 1AmberJKey
Please keep updating. I really like this story and I want to see what happens next.
11/6/2011 c1 9purple1girl
i just made a story called the cullens read midnight sun check it out

from purple1girl
4/13/2011 c3 7Myra the Dovahkiin
great story. keep writing. update soon. I can't wait to read more! This is getting interesting.
2/23/2011 c3 2Emmauk26
are you still writing this or are you finished with it?
2/8/2011 c3 8still burning bridges
2/8/2011 c1 1kasperkatkitty
Hi, just gotta say, I love the ideas you've got going in your stories, and they sound like they have plenty of potential :)

But just to make your stories even better, why not type them up on like Word or something first, just to get it spell checked and stuff? Just an idea.

But again - love the stories :)

Cassie x
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