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3/6/2020 c3 Guest
This doesn't make Rose look cool or bad ass it makes her look like an immature brat. Seriously not sure why people think having her behave like this is appealing.
9/9/2018 c6 1B4bidden
pls update absolutely love this story
10/27/2014 c6 Guest
I lov it pls continue I need more mak rose & adrian or someone else be together but no dimitri I don't like him & mak rose dangerous & respected
3/7/2014 c5 jjujh
She can't even say his name what a pathetic cunt
3/7/2014 c2 gyh
Ya you made Adrian faint...ya ooook
3/7/2014 c1 jujh
Watch out the bitch is just back yourself look like a total douche bag rose good can be sexy,badass and fiesty without being a cunt...someone needs to take this cunt down a peg or two...more heart break for rose! She obviously hasn't learnt that she isn't gods gift to men...if you were so great why did Dimitri leave you to fuck another woman rose? Maybe cause your a Immature
7/20/2013 c6 1LizzieTheChef
could u plz make the chapters longer, they r rather short
12/6/2011 c4 Jade926
Update soon
3/29/2011 c3 1loventherussian17
lol love the lil dirt on kirova update soon cant wait to see what happens next
2/26/2011 c3 DrippingRubies
wow thats funny i was laughing so hard
2/25/2011 c3 vamp-lover-82
cant wait to read more plz update soon
2/15/2011 c2 loventherussian17
great story hope u update soon cant wait to see what happens next
12/15/2010 c2 rosedimitri4eva
lovin the story so far plz carry on i ant waut to see what hapens nxt
12/6/2010 c1 BarbiiDol
Okay so I'm going to read all your books like you said xD
11/9/2010 c2 10Halloween265
aw dang o.o
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