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for Stuck as a Fish Mutant

4/14/2011 c1 bguy
Interesting story. Though I would have liked to have seen Irma and Vernon's reactions to April as a fish, and it was a little surprising April was so friendly to Ray (I would have expected her to be holding a major grudge against him). Anyway, good job. I hope you get around to finishing it up some time.
1/28/2011 c1 42Eduard Kassel
I like the idea.

I like it a great deal. But the execution, it seems so hasty, its alle being told and not shown. I mean shouldn't some human be sticking up for her even if failing? PErhaps Vernon happy to win but disliking its not by any merit of his own, the man was an ass but even so it would bruise his prode I would think.

And her finincial decline would be a buig eyeopener from her starting aivete abot how narrow minded people re. I couold see maybe her landlord wanting O'Neill, out. And not even because of racism on the landlords part but because other tanants are pressuiring and its potential ruin.

Most of all the decsion to abandon human semblanmce even like the Turtles have to live in the ocean is a huge step. Liely it would come from bitter disillusionment of the human race wanting to jyst get away from it.

The shedding of her clothes, calls to mind short of a civilization rejection with the Biblioal birth of civilization being Adam and Eve clothing themselves. That moment should be very powerful!

Finally the end is just strange. Why would Ray amnt her to retiurn to society and potentially leave im when he stads to not only have his freedom but a lover to share it with? I could see his conscience getting the better of him, but it would take time. As for O'Neill, she would be more resistant about returning. It was a major step for her to leave humanity behind, and not sone to be lightly reversed. Especially since her life undersea seemed to be improving. Why go back to where you were cast out of when you have found acceptance. Answer, plenty of reasons, but it isn't easy to leave peace for what you know will be conflict.

Perhaps pregnancy would prompt a return to try and win better mutant treatment? The new life being on she can live with easily but wanting her offspring to have a choice. A mother will do things fopr her children's sake she would never do for her own sake.

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