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1/29/2020 c1 mmchenuki
please update
8/28/2018 c3 marymoore3686
please update
12/30/2015 c2 5I'm.Addicted.to.Fanfiction
I like this story so far. keep going. The only thing bothering me is the spelling of "Belicov" since it's spelled with s 'K' in the books.
10/6/2015 c3 1SmallScottishZombie
What happend? You can't just stop now, I have to many questions? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon. '-'
7/14/2014 c3 Guest
i was just getting into this!
will there be more?
7/9/2014 c3 Guest
I love this fanfic please keep writing .
4/16/2014 c3 russia2774
Please update soon good story so far
11/18/2011 c3 1loventherussian17
no poll for both storys hopefully u havent quite the story i really love both of them
8/16/2011 c3 blunthonest
You had me all excited that there was gonna be an update...but it was an a/n ;| I'm not a happy chap at all
6/1/2011 c4 venia17
please just keep updating this story is fantastic...:) update asap
5/24/2011 c4 l
love this story keep writing cant wait for more
5/24/2011 c4 principessa-della-mafia
I'd love for you to finish this story its my favorite out of the two that you;ve written so far
5/6/2011 c2 kyoko minion
How many Strigoi has Rosie killed?
5/6/2011 c1 kyoko minion
It's Belikov,but good job.
4/13/2011 c3 Fee-Sha16
Cool Story!=)
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