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7/14 c24 Guest
:( That is legitimately sad. I was enjoying this story so much, but I have to admit it is hard to see where it could go from here. Now that the black knights are an officially established power, any motion against the high eunuchs would be disastrous. They are in no condition to attack Britannia right away too, except for with the FLEIJA/Mjolnir, and that would just be anticlimactic. Also wow that there is no timeskip and Britannia is weakened, the EU remains, and is one big misshapen piece in the puzzle that just doesn't fit. Good luck in future endeavors, author :)
7/14 c20 Guest
fuck shirley, all my homies hate shirley
12/16/2021 c24 Guest
I dunno, this was definitely one of the best Code Geass fics in existence. A shame you killed it. Oh well, guess I'm off to look for greener pastures.
11/22/2021 c20 raymond21
Your fanfic is so good. The battle the drama,the intention is so cool. I liked how you approach the battle with aircraft and air superiority tactic. You learned about why the allies won WW II. The knightmare frame is obselete if they cannot fly. The f16 and f 24 raptor Will kill them in heartbeat.
11/19/2021 c24 haseosamaa
ohhhh finish ? damn
6/25/2021 c8 mohammadalibrahem27
please tell me guilford will die I just want to know to continue reading or not it just pisses me off that he is alive
6/13/2021 c15 RanVor
It seems like I've found a critical flaw in this story.

So Lelouch has an opportunity to become immortal and make up to three other people immortal as well? I will never believe that any version of him, no matter how tinkered with, would ever willingly exclude Nunnally from that. Not in a million years. Especially since there is an untested possibility that the Code would fix her legs. Disregarding Nunnally is a very common mistake among fanfic writers, though, so I'll let that slide.

Otherwise, it's a pretty good fic. Love how you handled Euphemia. Reminded me how scary the power of Absolute Obedience is.
4/30/2021 c4 Sadcornbreadsea
Ohhhh so Lelouch and C2 do develop a relationship! It’s good since these two do need some emotional support.

I’m glad to read the part of military fight! Not really a military nerd but the warring part is a big part alluring me to watch the show
4/29/2021 c3 Sadcornbreadsea
Revealing the real identity in front of Ougi would be an essential step to build trust between him and the Black Knight! Sneihzeil utilises the secrecy of Lelouch true identity to his advantage in the canon. Guess he wouldn’t be that lucky in this timelineThis Lelouch has also gone further making up some details of “Orange”, which is miracally and interestingly, somehow true, considered C2 is a critical component of the research team indeed.

Lelouch does a better job convincing Suzaku here: The fact that Clovis orders the *extermination* of an entire ghetto, an equivalent of war crime in any other regions, it’s sad that this is still insufficient to convince Suzaku to switch side.

Man, this is so satisfying to read. Thank you so much.

Ohhhh seems like Lelouch is developing a sort of harem! Not that I am against it :D
4/29/2021 c2 Sadcornbreadsea
The added route of escape is impressive! A nice addition to his genius and calculating persona. The background music from R1 circulates in my mind while I read it. It’s also nice to pinpoint out Lelouch immediately relates Kallen to the student persona he has seen in Ashford Academy before, a prove of him being observance. The comprehensive explanation (excuse) given by Lelouch for the sudden inquiry of situation in Shinjuku just as he predicts how the official mouthpiece is also appreciated- yet another way to showcase how careful he is!

Lelouch is being honest with Kallen here, one the the twists to encourage mutual trust!
4/29/2021 c1 Sadcornbreadsea
Wow this is a promising and awesome re-write of the event! You’ve even made some parts of the plot, i.e. assassination of Clovis more impersonal, working on the greater goal from the very start. I like this!

Sorry for commenting after years have pasted
3/11/2021 c24 6Carla Nepster
I'm okay with the story ending here, personally speaking I hated how R2 and the last few episodes of R1 concluded, and I'm glad you got a ton of focus on elements I would've loved to see more of, like Milly sharing the truth with Rivalz and Shirley, no Black Knight betrayal!
2/24/2021 c24 Genesis09
Even if you weren't overly enthusiastic with the final product I still have to admit that I loved the story, it was very well written for as inexperienced as you claimed to be at the time and I can't wait to check out what else you've written. I hope you enjoyed writing this half as much as I enjoyed reading it. Hope to review again soon.

2/5/2021 c24 8GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud
this story is a blast. I love it. I'm sad you decided to shelf it and declared finish with a hopeful ending but I'm sad. nevertheless, I'll respect your wishes and keep on hoping you'll continue it. I'd make a private one of my own if it wasn't for the fact I'm writing my own story too. lol but it'll never be as good as yours. so take pride in the great work you've done, it's great even if written without thorough planning.

I'm glad to say this is my favorite CG story and hope you pick it up for an R2 someday. yes the start was rough, I admit, but it kept turning better with each chapter. you developed along with the story,making it a journey for us, for you, and for the story itself. the ending was well, and lots more potential for continuation.

for the hypothetical R2, we know it will be the fight for China and India, and within Japan at least politically speaking. not only that, with the defeat of Britannia at Japan, revolution will inevitably surge in other areas creating problem for Britannia. making Lelouch and BK meet Li Xingke much earlier.

And since the troops came from Spain garrison, that means with their loss, EU counterattack will be evident so as with the loss of troops in their making the attack possibly successful. it could be possible to incorporate Akito of the Exile and Euro-Britannia with Lelouch having some sort of treaty or alliance with the EU since EU has the resources, Japan has the Sakuradite, they could have an alliance against britannia, thus giving reason for Leila and Lelouch to meet.

the knightmare idea potential are enormous, but without the Gawain, Shinkiro would not have its absolute defense system since it has the A.i. but Gekko with Blaze luminous and some, like handheld railgun and etc. but no flying unit because they did not have the gawain. I was hoping lelouch would have the pre-production gekka and have the radiant surge arm too. lol

to make long comment short, I'm happy you finished instead of leaving us hanging but sad because of so much potential of where you could take this idea of yours. I don't think there was an idea like this, such as yours without too much usage of OCs or other CG characters, like Lost Colors or Nightmare of Nunnally. sorry for the rant, I rarely comment and had to express my love of this story to you.

Best wishes.
8/25/2020 c24 4Chaks
LSU is that this story’s dead. Zit was really good! Hopefully someday you’ll finish it. Or at least rewrite it
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