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10/24/2011 c2 8Averial Flames
this is really cool, would they be meeing in real life again?

update soon!
1/15/2011 c2 asm613
a great idea for a story. they'll get to know each other in their dreams- and then meet sometime in the future- i look forward to see how it works out.

i'm watching a movie now called 'Sundays at Tiffany's'. it's about a girl (alyssa Milano) who has an imaginary friend from age 5 to 10. his name is michael and her best friend. now she's 30 and getting married (to the wrong guy- but she thinks he's the right guy) so now a 30 year old michael comes back because she needs him- but now he's real- no longer imaginary- he's a real man now. we discover that michael knows everything about her and she has fun with him- while her fiance hardly knows any of the stuff that really matters and doesn't do fun stuff- he's a conceited actor who loves his own reflection more than anything else. anyway- your dream story kinda reminds me a little of this. maybe you can write a story like this as well with naruto and sasuke.
10/24/2010 c1 hokeypokey-icecreameater
i love it

u should so continue

i actually have good speeling for once ;)
10/23/2010 c2 1INeverLoseTheGame
yay you put my name in :)

keep up the good work

love it so far

Jaa ne ;)
10/23/2010 c1 INeverLoseTheGame
update please i want to no what happens next
10/22/2010 c1 40ReinaSaurus
ohhh this seems cute...i would like you to continue this..i want to know what will happen next :]

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