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for Does she love me or Does she not?

9/27 c37 Kim 1989
Thank you thank you thank you. This made my day
9/18 c37 dnmann
Good chapter. Glad you are back.
9/15 c36 EAR46
I am just started reading it again a few days ago. I have enjoyed all the chapters.
5/6 c36 Guest
7/4/2022 c36 Guest
Love this story. I can tell whoever is writing is definitely from Florida like me and I love it
5/13/2022 c36 kimboslice424
Yesssssss ! Waiting forever patiently. ️
4/11/2022 c36 Bearellis
3/28/2022 c36 idwalkthroughhell4u
I love all the different types of spashley stories but sports Spashley have to be one of my favourite. Spashley being physical and amazing atheletes is always hot. Add the adrenalin and competitiveness and you've got a winner. I'm really happy they're on the same team. I can't wait to see them play!
3/15/2022 c36 1Chantelle89
Still here
3/12/2022 c36 K1989
Yes indeed
3/9/2022 c36 2intolerant of intolerance
Yes, There are some. Not as many. But there are still a few of us still writing. We still get readers and comments. There's a Twitter account that tweets about SON and what the actors are up to. They tweet when a new story pops up somewhere.
3/7/2022 c36 1Lesbihonest93
3/7/2022 c36 lilce1992
1/7/2019 c35 2NLL10
I'm very much enjoying this. Hope you keep it up!
1/1/2019 c35 Irishgrl33
Fantastic update!
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