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11/3 c1 Diametrik
I'm confused. You wrote Annabeth as cheating and being a bitch, but then you write in the authors note that you wrote it like this because you didn't want to write her as a bitch. Or do you think that Percy forgiving her and her being sad about him leaving makes her not a bitch somehow?
9/20 c2 Guest
8/11 c14 3Mysteriousboyunknown
some person 10 years 697 stories
6/2 c2 anon
do you think percy would allow trans boys into his hunt?
4/1 c15 Guest
My response probably wouldn't have been saying she's beautiful. I probably would have been freaking out on how awesome the healing magic was.
4/1 c1 Guest
This ending for Annabeth doesn't make her any less of a bitch in this fanfic. it makes her somewhat more of a bitch.
3/8 c18 Ifjdsjjcfje
I would want to but I'm a terrible writer.
2/24 c18 backbiter14
What the hell man it was awesome
10/12/2020 c14 Guest
10/6/2020 c18 Guest
very nice
9/28/2020 c18 Guest
Nooooo why I liked this story very much
9/3/2020 c18 Blufire999
It is OK. It was awesome
7/23/2020 c18 Guest
7/18/2020 c18 Guest
6/23/2020 c8 someonefmaous99
anyone feeling like Percy (and gods in genera)l in this story is rather underpowered, he has his hydrokinesis at god level and also his earthquake powers at god level which essentially makes him able to form concentrated earthquakes in his hands and feet when fighting and only in the area that his enemy/ies are/is standing as well as being the god of swordsmanship so he is the best with a sword and could take down any opponent but it feels like he's at normal demigod abilities. not even his canon big-3-child-level that's above the average demigod
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