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6/4/2012 c6 Claire
Ignore that horrible reviewer HoistTheColours, your story is awesome, u are such a great writer, some people are just way over the top, toooo serious and just wanna nip pick, ignore that reviewer, that was just 1! out of all the rest that love this story, so please, please don't let that person get to you, and carry on with your fic the way you intended to, :D xoxo
5/7/2012 c5 RandomCitizen
Batman will get good parts in this story eventualy right? Its not the same without him after all. . . Just dont bring Harley please.
5/7/2012 c6 RandomCitizen
3/29/2012 c6 2CarnivorousOak
This story really drew me in. It feels so real.
3/27/2012 c6 KrnYong
Nooooo! Cliffhanger! Please continue this, it's getting so interesting :U
12/20/2011 c6 12HoistTheColours
I'm going to be honest, I'm not entirely thrilled by this story. I think some of the chapters were good, and there were a few really great, heart-pounding moments where I felt really worried - but I can't help but feel like this story is being drawn out longer than it needs to. The Joker seems to have put a lot of emphasis on the fact that he needs his suit done quickly - and yet in this chapter, he's distracting Meg from doing her task by introducing this "game" of sorts, and honestly I just don't see the point of it. I get that the Joker likes social experiments and testing people to their limits, seeing how far he can push them... but it just doesn't seem to fit in the basis of this story. The Joker wants his suit done before his next job, so why is he drawing out the whole ordeal? Meg has given him no reason to stay longer than he has to.

But I will say that I like the idea of the Joker making Meg "kill to save." It's a concept I've seen done many times before, and it's so... Joker. You've seen it in The Dark Knight with the ferries, and I'm sure there are examples in the comics, too. It's classic Joker.

Anyways, I hope my review wasn't too harsh, but I'm not into sugarcoating things, so I did want to be honest. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next chapter. Good luck.

P.s. Great job on the emotions in this chapter too. There was a lot of energy there.
11/26/2011 c6 Unknown
AMAZING! Please write more! Xxxxooooxxx
11/18/2011 c6 Charlotte
Wow that was amazing! I love the way the joker and Megan talk to each, it feels that there is going to be some chemistry building between them soon I also love that the joker called her meg, and the build up to her having the joker strip for his measurements was soo good such a strange feeling, frightening because to stand with not alot of space between yourself and the joker also to see him very "human" you know nearly naked is also a strange feeling and then a bit of jealousy, haha because I picture this joker as heaths so of course I'm jealous, anyway I really love this fic, hope you update very soon! :) xx
11/2/2011 c6 pinkbutterflies
Omg I love this! The Joker is so evil it's delicious! Please update soon I'm dying to find out what will happen.
10/30/2011 c6 131UnluckyAmulet
Why is it that the Joker is able to be so damn evil and at the same time so damn awesome? It's ridiculous. XD Which is exactly why this fic is excellent- the interplay between the Joker and Meghan is incredible. You've made a very realistic person- She feels like a real person, and I definitely like her, if not her name. At first, during Chapter 6, when it said the Joker had dragged in another girl, I thought he'd found Sarah. Of course, we don't have a clear idea of Sarah or Louise's personality, so I can't say if that had been better or worse. I really can't wait to see what happens next!


ps: Any Batman appearances planned?
10/28/2011 c6 5MissBliss8527
Oh no, Louise, why did you have to come? Poor Louise. Poor Meghan. Update soon, please.
10/27/2011 c6 1dollyhazed
This chapter was insane! I was on the edge of my seat nearly the entire time. Great writing.

The Joker is so in character, you've managed to write him as a true sociopath.

I'm more than excited for the next chapter!
10/27/2011 c6 17kriitikko
The fuck?

The flying fuck was that?

You did not just end your chapter with such a cliffhanger! Tease! What a tease! Isn't being a tease suppose to be sin for you catholics?

Okay, really looking forward to see what happens next. In comics this would be the point when Batman crashes in through the window, but I'm not sure you'd give such a sudden happy ending for the poor seamstress. Totally waiting to see what happens next! ;)
10/26/2011 c6 Guest
Wow that's very Interesting, hope she doesn't become a Harley or become weak, thought this was going to turn into a joker/oc, well maybe it still is just a dark dark romance really enjoying this hope you update soon, very soon please xxooxx
10/26/2011 c6 14Bernarde
Another excellent chapter. I was excited to get the email that this had updated. It's a very interesting position that Meg is in right now... I can't say I know what I would do in that situation.
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