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for D Gray Malestrom

10/12/2017 c2 HagikasaHoshiko
OH COME ON! UPDATE!? PLEASE? I bet you dont even use this acciunt anymore... Damn... I hope you did.. this could have been such a good story to read more of. But then again i saw that you havent updated any stories from this account since 2012... Really man... Nvm... Really like this story if you ever see this please think about starting it again!
6/8/2015 c2 mad maddy
Coooooool! Keep it going! :D
2/6/2015 c2 Doctor Psychosis
huh, so the "dark boots" "crown clown" a dark version of crown clown. a visor i don't fully recognize and a suit i don't recognize. interesting, i do so hope to read more my friend, though i must say this is very strange having two people with the claws...ah vell.
2/2/2013 c2 laughingfox31
Yo update the story please
9/15/2012 c2 3I'm. . .An Innocent Bystander
I can't wait to see how the door will react to Naruto...especially after how it reacts to Allen
12/26/2011 c2 7Sagami15
Not a bad story hurry up and update soon
9/8/2011 c2 Kyubi9
HI YA! Kyubi9 here saying I really like this story and hope you update soon.

Well Thats All SEE YA!
2/20/2011 c2 4Dragon VS Phoenix
Awesome just awesome :)
2/9/2011 c2 khaoticryu
interesting would like to see more
11/12/2010 c2 z1a1c1h1
please update soon
11/10/2010 c2 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
I wonder how the Order will react when they find out Naruto has FIVE Innocences in his body? No doubt it will be hilarious! LOL

I also wonder if anybody from Konoha will make another appearance?
11/8/2010 c2 Maelstorm of the Tricky Wind
not bad but you didn't reallly tell how naruto keft konoha
10/31/2010 c2 2Kel Tenrou Rikudou
Ok I normally don't look at this xover because there aren't many good ones, but this ones a good one, so keep it up and I'll keep reading
10/30/2010 c2 1Master DK

so if allen will become the crown clown

what will naruto be ?
10/27/2010 c2 3Raidentensho
not too shabby. though i wonder how the sync rate for naruto will go due to having 5 different pieces. also what will be his name after helveska? 'the chrimera of shadows'? can't wait for the rest. until then, ja!
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