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9/4/2011 c1 39Gitana del Sol
jajajaja! ♥
4/20/2011 c1 26Lillith Aurora
Haha nice
10/28/2010 c1 55Xx starlight-moon xX
*splutters with laughter*

Oh gods. That was too funny. Especially because I had half an inkling to write a fic for this in which Bella watches Andromeda sleep - and the two images have become entwined in my mind to decidedly ODD effect.

*tries to stop laughing long enough to continue typing*

xD xD

Oh Andromeda. Oh dear . .. .

Loved her mental back and forth. "Oh no" - oh, YES, Andromeda. ^^

*laughs quite freely at her, having completely failed to get a grip on myself*


(Sorry. Not much in the vein of common sense coming out of me tonight . . . but I did love this!)
10/23/2010 c1 1mollylolly
Aww, that's so cute, I love how she's just arguing with herself XD
10/23/2010 c1 50lorelai-x-gilmore
Poor Andromeda. =[ But it was a really cute fic! I love her inner struggle and how you've portrayed it. It was very well-done. Awesome work!

- Hanna
10/23/2010 c1 136Lady Eleanor Boleyn
Haha! :-D This made me laugh! Great job!
10/23/2010 c1 30BellaPur
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! The letting herself relax... and then catching herself! That last "No!" made me lol XD Well done! I loved it to bits!
10/23/2010 c1 6thebraxiatelcollection
naughty a adromeda. hehe love it!=D
10/22/2010 c1 300Inkfire
I love this :D
10/22/2010 c1 42TuesdayNovember
Haha that was cute! Sweet and funny and so realistic!

Really well done! =)

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