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for Precursors of Man and Void

4/6/2012 c2 Anonymous
Continuity error near the end, you avoid using Selendis' name as we don't know who the female Protoss is but suddenly you start using her name out of nowhere.

I thought you were going to have Rahn'ma pointedly say something to her using her name and then start using the name. But instead you forgo that part and jump straight to using her name.
12/15/2010 c2 3Cstan
Nice portray of the Protoss. I get a feeling that the destruction of the Warp will allow a certain species which created the Protoss and Zerg to return to known space.

I really wonder how the different humans would react to the Xel'Naga... they've never met anything with as much technology and power as them.

"The Eye of Terror"? Someone has BIG goals. Good luck, they'll need it, even with their superior fire-power.
12/11/2010 c1 Arcticweasel
It's a shame this doesn't have more reviews. I've never heard of Zorg Empires, but hell, this is still a good read. Keep it up, will yah?

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