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1/20/2019 c1 Rydia16
OMG I want the next with Reborn 0o0
11/20/2016 c1 10Amu4ever
Oh? So, what was the bet then when Reborn didn't know about the blowjob?
11/20/2016 c1 Glyza
this is great colonelloxtsuna is one of my khr pairing hahaha
9/9/2016 c1 Guest
Wow! Totally hot! Do you have an AO3 account? If so I'd totally Kudo your story.
7/7/2014 c1 3Regia Puella
Ahaha...Oh my gosh, this is a very unusual pairing but I think it worked out very well and I'm laughing. Good job XD
4/18/2014 c1 9Sky Veneziano
Amazing job! Are you going to make a sequel?
8/6/2012 c1 Kiriya Von Den
6/2/2011 c1 4Zephyrus Nyx
OMG! What was the freaking bet? I wanna know!
5/24/2011 c1 12Takara yume
OMG! this was just too cute and smexy~ I love this! XDD

bad collonelo! XDD

ooh~ and naughty Tsuna as well~ hee-hee great job! I mean it! XDD
4/1/2011 c1 Aiseki0Hikari
Ooh~ haha he gave him a.. Haha xD just soo funny xD
2/16/2011 c1 pokermaniac039
i like the story and i' m hoping if there is a sequel~!
11/1/2010 c1 Shadow Kitsune67
AHAHA. Nice one shot ;). Colonnello is hot *w* ehehe.
10/29/2010 c1 27Orcux
Oh wow. This was good.
10/28/2010 c1 2Paradoxismminant
I laughed.

Poor Tsuna, being so naive and useable...
10/24/2010 c1 31violetkisses
woahh, i super love~ more od colonello and tsuna please~
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