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7/30/2014 c3 kazumi uchiha
I'm a lot like shadow and meghan oh and I love the author of this fan fiction it was totally amazing finally ichigo likes kisshu that's how the show should've go.
7/30/2014 c2 kazumi uchiha
I love the chapter please make a fanfic about me and the mews I'm only 12 but make me 18. I am a tomboy who loves and is talented at martial arts sketching dark poetry and music. I am same height as ichigo I have dark brown roots and reddish amber hair when wet it turns green. My eyes change from blue to grey to green to yellow at night and full red or white when mad in real life. I hate girly girl things. Most of the time my personality is like zankoura's but when having fun I'm loud and comideanish. I am easily angered. I like wearing black red royal blue and green and if nessacery neon collars. I always wear long black leather weapons are katana. I have ruby red foxears and tail black tipped I hat ichigo and aoyama and like kisshu. I am half demon and mad at humans. And can be sadistic when I want to. I'm very creepy actually I'm a lot like kisshu and I have a dirty mind. I want to be on your fan fictions. Oh and dare ryou to run around some streets in nothing but his boxers and yelling." HELP I CANT FIND MY VOICE I NEED TO FIND IT!"
7/30/2014 c1 kazumi
Haha funny but don't hurt kisshu!
6/17/2013 c1 Junebuggbabey
If I can be a host also can my name be Manga and I will have blonde hair, green eyes, a pink t shirt and denom shorts
and purple flip flops. Also can i have a power or weapon thing that allows me to get in peoples heads and talk to them
or get them to do what I want.
Now for some dares...
Zakuro: make out with Riyo
Kisshu: stand in a closet with Ichigo(who hates you) for a half hour,( you can what you want with her in there) and try not to let her kill you.
Sunrise: you turn into a wolf or a fox right? So chase ichigo up a tree.
Pudding: a skit with tart, like you an old couple with a bango, like the one you discribed in book 4.
Lettuce:ask pai out!
Seee ya! :D
12/4/2012 c3 6MidnightKitten394
awsome,make more chapters
2/26/2012 c2 2serenityangel1511
hiya everybody SAY HI! can i be on shadow please, if i can, i have long black hair that turns to a blood red at the end and it reaches to the floor. i have a black tank top that says in blood red KILL,DIE,MURDER,BASICALLY THE NORMAL. I HAVE A BLOOD RED SKIRT THAT IS KINDA SHORT. AND BLACK BOOTS WITH RED LACES THAT GO UP TO MY KNEE. names that i will alowe you to call me are raven,nightmare,night,midnight,death. i have cat ears and a cat tail they are blood red with black tips. can i have my scythe saber with me it is black at the handle and the metal is blood red and it is decorated with stone sculles. ( not the metal)


ryou kiss mint

pai marry lettace

ichigo marry kisshu

pudding i want you to take one of kisshu's swords and stab monkey in the gut and scream at her TART WILL NEVER LOVE YOU! YOUR A SLUT! GO FUCK SOMEONES ELSE'S LIFE UP! LAY THEIR AND DIE YOU WHORE! im done now good by


10/27/2011 c3 angel
can i be on i have long blond hair in pony tails and a long sleeved shirt witch is black a scirt witch is red and knee high black boots. i am evil and my name is vampirilla or you could ether call me vamp , demon or angel your choice


ryou get shadow to cram you in a soda bottle.

and that tree hugger make hin drink it!


Zaruko who do you like.

ichigo do you love kisshu.


pudding i here by give you this cookie.

well bye bye
5/18/2011 c3 2kichibutt
can i be on the show? i have dark brown hair with red ends, brown eyes that turn red when mad, a cherry t-shirt, black leggings, and red converse, i LOVE being evil and i hate deep blue i speak portuguse, french, english, and japenese and IM RYOU'S #1 FANGIRL if i go more than 5 mintues without glomping him, i explode, my wepon is a spear that paralyzes and shocks people :) ok dares: pai:sing baby by justin bieber, and show everyone your baby pictures

ryou: kiss meeeeee and LIKE IT if u dont ill make everyone bite you! EVERYONE! let me sign your head haha

ichigo: switch clothes with someone and stay like that for 2 chappies

pudding and sunrise: kill deep idiot for eating all the candy!

sorry for being braindead

4/16/2011 c1 CU Administration
I don't know if you know this, but you are not allowed to write in script format in stories. It's against the rules you agreed to before posting. I suggest putting it in tradditonal story format so you don't have to worry about breaking any rules. I also hope you aren't asking for reviews to have truths or dares because that makes the story interactive, something that is also against the rules. Understand this is only sent to help keep your story on the site.



[Founder of Critics United ✔ⓒ]
4/15/2011 c3 48AbandonedOddAccount
Are you going to make more? Just to let you know, this is hilarious- P.S. Make the tree hugger kiss Ichigo. I liked that couple because Kish belongs to my sister. Not much more to say.

P.S. Can I be on the show? I'm nicknamed Nature and I have blonde hair with humming bird wings on my back. I'm a Pai fangirl.

P.S.S Make my sister be on the show. She's a blonde goth with bat wings and she's a Kish fan. Her nickname is Spark.

4/12/2011 c3 Lolly
They should stay and can my oc I'm making right now b on the show?

Name: Lilly

wears a pink shirt with a bat on it and a short black flowy skirt. Has medium length bat wings and black wolf ears. Black hair with a pink streak and has tanned skin and can she have hot pink said? Plzzz put my oc on the show. :)


ichigo- go on a date with kish

masaya- jump off a cliff in a meat suit into shark invested waters

ryou- dress up like mint for two chapters!

All hostess- Have mint let u get whatever u want from the mall!

Update soon! :)
2/20/2011 c1 kishxichigo4eva
hi can i be in the story!

i have red hair with my origanal black bangs coming through

im 5ft 5 and i have lepord printed ears and tail ( p.s I LOVE KISHU *glomps*)


pai: ask lettuce to marry you

kishu: kiss ichigo untill u die

tauto: dressup like barbie and sing barbie girl 4x

everyone: give taruto sunrise and pudding 1000 grams of candy


deep blue: have u ever liked a girl

zakuro: do u like pai

masaya: do u like minto!

k i think thats it byez xx
1/25/2011 c3 4Mew Mew Pachirisu
Can I be on it? Black hair with a red streak, side bangs. I am about 5`4. I am the Bat Mew Mew and my weapon is a... well no weapon. I do have the strength of a Elephant. If my eyes glow a ball of light appears and I throw it and the person i attacked has an inch of life left.

Everyone: Do you now that I have the exact same Masaya tape except with Misty, Dawn and May? (Pokemon Characters?)

Meaghan: -Gives you the tape-

Shadow,Sunrise,Meaghan: Get Paul, Drew and Ash to beat him up! xD

Kish: Beat Masaya up with them!

BTW! Yes they stay cause Meaghan is awesome :P
1/16/2011 c3 269Hawkflight7
love the show so far, if it's not to much of a bother can i be in it?

iz 17, haz brown-pink hair, purple shirt that buttons up with lace in back, black pants, no footwear 'cause she doen't feel like wearing any. is very perverted and if you question her says, "don't question the flower-net!" if you ask her what that is she shall throw the nearest object at you. weapon iz a black dagger with purple hilt and she likes to hang people upside down and torture them with weapon if annoyyed at them. you may call her Valisa, or Val for short.


Masaya: have you ever had a wet dream involving Ichigo?

Ryou: *same thing*

Deep Blue: Why are you such a coward?


Mint: kiss Ichigo

Kisshu: be called Kisshme for three chapters

Tart and Pudding: sneak off and roll in some mud then come back and look guilty

Ichigo: bite Kisshu's ear and whisper naughty things into it

Lettuce: pretend to drown

Masaya: fall into an endless hole you *beep*

i think that's all my half-awake mind can come up with right now.
11/23/2010 c3 Blue moon child Jayne
Hello, First I would like to ask you if a character of my choice can go on the show as an assistant.

If so then his name is Beyond Birthday but you can call him B.B. He has neck length black hair and glowing red eyes. he wears a white long sleeved shirt no shoes and denim jeans. He is funny creepy and is insane. He also is a murderer who is obsessed with blood. No special power just his weapon and his smartness.( he usually has a knife in his back pocket) If any of the characters fail to comply to any dares or will not tell the truth he will cut them.


Ichigo: get a shovel and hit masaya over the head with it many times.

All the guys: sing i'm bringing sexy back only wearing speedos :P

Mint: go sit in a corner and talk to your self like a crazy person.

Pai and Zakuro: Smile?

Ryou: go away. you are annoying.

Masaya: go away too.

All the girls: have a tickle fight while the guys watch.


Masaya: Do you have a life?

Ryou If you had to who would you rather kiss Kisshu or Pai?

Keiichero : did I spell your name right? how come you have so many fan girls even though you are barley in the series?

Pudding: Do you want to become friends with everybody?

Well thats it for now hope you let my character on!

Until Next Time!


(P.S. love the show so far!)
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